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Glenn Beck and the Foolishness of the Cross

by Rachel Johnson 07-21-2010
Should Christians reject the cross of Jesus Christ?

Resources for Renewal and Change

by Rachel Johnson 11-01-1995


Nukes Return to the Pacific

Religious groups, non-governmental organizations, and governments from around the world have been mobilizing...

Briefly Noted

Members of SIPAZ (Servicio Internacional Para la Paz), an international coalition committed to supporting the peace process in Chiapas, Mexico, recently returned...

Christian Peacemakers in the West Bank

Jeff Heie and Cliff Kindy, two of the members of Christian Peacemaker Teams serving in the West Bank, were detained by Israeli authorities for nine-and-a-half hours this past July.

Giving, Taking, and the Common Good

by Rachel Johnson 09-01-1995

Lois Jemtegard wanted to sell a portion of her land along the breathtaking Columbia River Gorge, a national scenic area. Interested buyers wanted to build a house on the property.

Resources for Renewal and Change

by Rachel Johnson 09-01-1995

True Colors

Child laborers, a human body stamped with an "HIV-positive" inscription, and a waterfowl stuck in an oil slick are three of the images used in controversial advertisements...

In Defense of Holy Ground

Most of us have places that, for us, hold a special sense of the divine-sacred locations where we go for prayer, meditation, and reflection.

Incident at the Border

Canada detains our publisher.