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Reckoning with Faith

by Judy Coode 04-01-2008

More than seven years ago, James Carroll, award-winning novelist and Boston Globe columnist, wrote Constantine’s Sword, which traced the history of anti-Semitism in the chu

Stopping a War

by Judy Coode 08-01-2007
The activist connected the war machine with the abandonment of U.S. urban centers.

Ruined For Life

by Judy Coode 08-01-2006
The Jesuit Volunteer Corps celebrates 50 years of changing lives through service.

A Place in the Country

by Judy Coode 04-01-2004

A broad grassroots movement seeks land, equity, and dignity in Brazil.

Fighting Words

by Judy Coode 07-01-2003

Justice-focused economists understand that the dominant world financial system is based on con- stant replenishment, and those who are unable for whatever reason to contribute

Blindness and Doublespeak

by Judy Coode 03-01-2003

It's likely that the Nazi genocide of European Jews (along with Gypsies, homosexuals, and others considered ethnically or socially deficient) is the most well-documented...

Living on Bananas

by Judy Coode 05-01-2002

"Come Mr. Tally Mon, tally me banana...." 

And on This Side of the Pond

by Judy Coode 05-01-2000

The Jubilee 2000/USA campaign

Unlikely Prophets

by Judy Coode 03-01-2000
Kevin Smith's irreverent Dogma.

Not Quite Dead Yet

by Judy Coode 01-01-2000
The harsh glare of life on the streets.

Final Exams?

by Judy Coode 03-01-1998
The movement to close the School of the Americas.

Wealth-Fare Reform

by Judy Coode 11-01-1996
Organizing to narrow the gap between rich and poor in America

Each Lyric Caressed

by Judy Coode 11-01-1996
The gentle power of Carrie Newcomer

In the Language of Faith

by Judy Coode 11-01-1995
Challenging the World Bank and IMF

The Pride of Heritage

by Judy Coode 07-01-1995
Beauty and truth in My Family

A Lifetime of Defending the Workers

by Judy Coode 06-01-1994
George Higgins, labor priest.

Adventures in Parenting

by Judy Coode 11-01-1993

Undercover Blues is Full of Fluff

A New Look at Cowboys. Or Is It?

by Judy Coode 12-01-1992

Clint Eastwood's latest film, Unforgiven has beautiful shots of Canada, a few violent scenes, some wonderful acting, a title with a dual meaning, and an identity problem.

Nothing New, Still Good

by Judy Coode 08-01-1992

Tracy Chapman

Volunteers for Change

by Judy Coode 06-01-1992

A book for students of U.S. history