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More Than Saving Seals

by Jeremy Lloyd 05-01-1997

WITH SOME truth Rosemary Radford Ruether, as quoted by Aaron Gallegos, suggests environmentalists ignore the issues of race and class.

A Translator of Transcendence

by Jeremy Lloyd 01-01-1997
The religious dimension of Paul Schrader's films.

Take the Rural Route

by Jeremy Lloyd 11-01-1995
Music from the heartland.

Craving Entertainment

by Jeremy Lloyd 12-01-1994
Public forgiveness and TV Scandal.

Churchianity Force-Feeds Me

by Jeremy Lloyd 11-01-1994

Permeated by its own brand of consumerism, church-ianity force-feeds me a conditional message, requiring my allegiance to authority and beliefs, and masks it all as "faith."