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Features of Woodhaven

by Scot DeGraf, by Linda DeGraf 04-03-2013
Sidebar of "Built to Last"

Thermal mass: More than 30 tons of plaster and other mass on the inside of the house collects and stores heat from sunlight.

Forest-certified lumber: Along with local posts and beams, we used wood certified as sustainably harvested.

Recycled vinyl shingles: Located on the one "traditional" roof that holds our solar panels, these shingles are made from 80 percent post-consumer recycled material and will last more than 50 years.

Straw-bale walls: These fire-resistant, agricultural waste products (not hay) provide 18 inches of cheap insulation, keeping the house warm in winter and cool in summer.

Reclaimed doors, windows, and kitchen cabinetry: Most of the doors and windows are reclaimed from predemolition sites.

Cordwood and Community

by Scot DeGraf, by Linda DeGraf 01-01-2008

Over the past two years, educators Linda and Scot DeGraf have been building a one-room cottage made of natural, recycled, and local materials.

Anthropologists and Anthropoids

by Scot DeGraf 07-01-2000

ED SPIVEY'S January-February 2000 "H'rumphs" ("Surely, There Must Be Some Mistake...") was really good.

It's in the Cards

by Scot DeGraf 11-01-1995

The hottest trend in kids' entertainment

A Big Byte to Chew

by Scot DeGraf 09-01-1993

Screening children's computer games.