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Sojourners Magazine: November 1993

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Cover Story

The value of land in economics.


Preparing the community for persecution and death.
An exerpt from New Visions for the Americas 


The sight of Yasir Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin shaking hands over a peace accord between their peoples evokes prophetic images.
The Constitution, not unlike the Bible, draws radically different schools of interpretation.
New voices that transcend the old polarities of left and right are offering fresh alternatives in economics.
God is a father and mother figure


Reflections on racial justice in Birmingham
Squash for Thanksgiving dinner
EDITOR'S NOTE: This column was full of humorous material when it left the office. Some settling may have occurred during shipment.

Culture Watch

Walter Wink's encouragement to engage the powers.
Undercover Blues is Full of Fluff
Last month this magazine ran a couple of articles on consumerism and mall culture.
Tony Campolo's evangelical environmentalism.
The spiritual soul of John Coltrane's music.


I WAS EXTREMELY disappointed in the article on Operation Rescue that appeared in the August 1993 issue ("Reaching Across the Barricades").
IT FASCINATES ME listening "from afar" to the current debate about American health care reform--especially after practicing medicine for seven years in America and seven years in Africa.
Reflections on Sharing the Sojourn gatherings in San Diego
The Chicago City Council passed an ordinance in August that will require genetically engineered foods and food products to bear the words, "This food is genetically engineered."
Coverage of Bill Ramsey's reflections on jail and war taxes
THIS IS REGARDING the book The Bible, Violence and the Sacred by James G. Williams, which was reviewed in the August 1993 Sojourners.
BECAUSE I AM A pro-choice peace activist in dialogue with pro-life advocates, I read "Reaching Across the Barricades" (by Marcia Timmel, August 1993) with interest.
TODAY IS JULY 30, 1993. Yesterday, I received my June issue of Sojourners and hungrily read Kathryn Collmer's superb piece "From Hand to Mouth."
AFTER READING YOUR special report on the Gang Summit, I realized the waves of spiritual energy created in Kansas City rippled to the Twin Cities for the Gang Summit held in St. Paul.
Ninety vehicles--including pick-up trucks, an ambulance, cars, and a school bus--set out this summer to deliver food, medicine, and other supplies to Cuba, in intentional violation of the U.S.
THANK YOU FOR "The Faith of Mysteries" in the August 1993 issue. Liane Ellison Norman's approach to the mystery genre is unique and fresh.
READING JIM WALLIS' article, "A Time to Heal, A Time to Build," repentance came to mind over and over. The article and interviews were both achingly hopeful and troubling.
Anticipating South Africa's first democratic election
WELL, I NEVER expected to see one of my favorite "easing-off" mechanisms getting coverage in Sojourners--thanks for the article on female mystery fiction ("The Faith of Mysteries," by Lian
AFTER READING the report on the Gang Summit ("A Time to Heal, A Time to Build") in the August 1993 issue, I was so excited I could not sleep. It brought tears to my eyes!
We wrote the cover line "An Experiment in Empowerment: Sojourners Neighborhood Center's 10th Anniversary" (September-October 1993) with Gandhi's "experiments in truth" in mind.
Sermon reflections for November
The Many Paths to Community
Environmental organizations respond to massacre of Yanomami in Brazil