Wes Howard-Brook teaches at Seattle University. He is the author of Unveiling Empire, Becoming Children of God, and Come Out, My People!

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Which Side Are You On?

by Wes Howard-Brook 12-01-2011

A study on the Bible's "two religions."

Speaking in (the World's) Tongues

by Wes Howard-Brook 11-01-2000

"Jesus is bangala!" proclaims Rev.

The Revolution Will Not Be Sponsored

by Wes Howard-Brook 05-01-2000
Letter to the Editors

Letter to the Editors

Come Out of Her My People

by Wes Howard-Brook 03-01-1999
Reading the book of Revelation without the rapture.

Apocalypse Soon?

by Wes Howard-Brook 01-01-1999

It's all too easy to make fun of the extreme examples of prophecy belief that we encounter on bumper stickers and best-seller lists.

Keeping Faith Alive

by Wes Howard-Brook 07-01-1996
John Dear's Peace Behind Bars.

The Myth of Democracy

by Wes Howard-Brook 01-01-1996

THE RECENT ISSUE of Sojourners seemed to me ironically to carry the seeds of its own critique.

When Community Comes Apart

by Wes Howard-Brook 11-01-1994

"And so the disciples returned to their own homes..." —John 20:10

Musical Caricatures

by Wes Howard-Brook 06-01-1994

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The Measure of Love

by Wes Howard-Brook 12-01-1993

Jesus' death, resurrection, and the birth of the church.

The Ritual of Intimacy

by Wes Howard-Brook 11-01-1993

Preparing the community for persecution and death.

Called out of Darkness

by Wes Howard-Brook 07-01-1993

Jesus confronts blindness and the fear of death.

Undermining the Power of the Law

by Wes Howard-Brook 05-01-1993

The Gospel of John

No Secret Disciples

by Wes Howard-Brook 02-01-1993

What is it like to be confronted with the presence of Jesus?

In the Beginning Was the Word

by Wes Howard-Brook 01-01-1993

THE EXPERIENCE is a familiar one. A small, struggling community of believers searching for truth and justice finds the Spirit present in its midst. They are set aflame with the joy and peace of deep insight into God's call for them and for the church as a whole. They rush to their sisters and brothers in the larger church, offering the gift of their new revelation. But instead of open acceptance, they hit the brick wall of institutional rejection. Rather than being embraced, they are ignored.

If they insist on their version of truth, the reaction stiffens into anger, hatred, persecution. Eventually, they must decide: Do we in turn reject the institutional church in favor of our own Spirit-filled vision of justice and peace? Or do we continue to witness to the religious powers, no matter what the price?