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Why God Is Not (Just) Father

by Sharon Gallagher 11-01-1993

God is a father and mother figure

The Soul of the Total Woman

by Sharon Gallagher 05-01-1977

Time magazine recently ran a cover story on Marabel Morgan’s Total Woman philosophy.

Woody Allen's McCarthyism Montage

by Sharon Gallagher 11-01-1976

The Front has Woody Allen in a semi-serious role about a very serious subject -- the blacklisting that went on in Hollywood in the ‘50s.

Face to Face

by Sharon Gallagher 09-01-1976

Ingmar Bergman’s newest film, Face To Face, documents the nervous breakdown of a highly disciplined and capable psychologist named Jenny.

Human Nature: 'Seven Beauties'

by Sharon Gallagher 05-01-1976

Nazi Germany seems to be the moral focal point of the 20th century, at least for the West.

A Review of Taxi Driver

by Sharon Gallagher 04-01-1976

Taxi Driver shows that the distinction between heroic and criminal killing is often tenuous and raises the question of what happens when America’s trained killers return home to find situations and people they like no better than those in Southeast Asia.

Ode to Caesar

by Sharon Gallagher 03-01-1976

Evangelical songwriters John Peterson and Don Wyrtzen have come up with a musical for the bicentennial.

Review of A Boy and His Dog

by Sharon Gallagher 02-01-1976

The final world war lasted five days. The problems of the first, second, third and fourth worlds have been ended abruptly. Now there are only two worlds.

The Second-Rate Rib

by Sharon Gallagher 08-01-1974

Race, class, and sex were three ways Jewish men had of defining people as “other.”