April 2010

Cover Story

Dr. Elizabeth Warren -- head of Congress's TARP watchdog and veteran Sunday school teacher -- talks with Sojourners about facing down the Goliaths of Wall Street.


Why development, not military action, is key to Afghanistan's future.
Afghans risk much to build a better future.
President Obama underplays the importance of alternatives to war.
How social factors multiply the effects of natural calamities.


Food insecurity takes a physical toll.
Colombian paramilitaries target community and church leaders.
Taxes are worth it -- but ours are weighted against the poor.


Reason wasn't enough. Power will decide, as power usually does.
Jimmy Carter is imperfect; that's what makes him appealing.
We underestimate the power of a single voice.
'Opening the floodgates' for Happy Meals
by: Ed Spivey
It’s the largest federal budget in history. President Obama’s 2011 budget totals $3.8 trillion and contains a deficit of $1.3 trillion.

Culture Watch

The BQE, by Sufjan Stevens. Asthmatic Kitty Records.
Bio: Senior pastor, Evergreen Baptist Church of Los Angeles.Web site: www.ebcla.org
Facebook and the redefinition of privacy.
It’s the end of the world for Denzel Washington in The Book of Eli, one of the legion of recent films (including one actually titled Legion) that suggest that while the earth ma
I have a relative up in the Rust Belt who owns a small machine tool company and watches Fox News.
An interview with Cathy Henkel, director of The Burning Season.
Just War as Christian Discipleship: Recentering the Tradition in the Church Rather Than the State, by Daniel M. Bell Jr. Brazos Press.


With his blonde pompadour flying in the cold January sky, activist and performance artist “Reverend Billy” Talen preached through a megaphone outside of the Varick Federal Detention Fac
I was deeply saddened to learn in Eboo Patel’s coumn “Bridges: Beyond Barrier, Bubble, or Bomb” (January 2010) of April’s experience in a student group at Carleton 11 years
In the wake of Haiti’s devastating Jan. 12 earthquake, a coalition of faith-based and secular humanitarian organizations called world leaders to grant international debt relief to Haiti.
The Nebraska-based Oriental Trading Company knows “how to make the world more fun!” Their child-size crown of thorns is just the ticket to make sure your Sunday school kids know what su
We at Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger are honored to be included in Jo Ellen Green Kaiser’s “Do What Is Just” (February 2010), but the article is incorrect about our founding d
According to a review of 160 socially responsible mutual funds, 72.6 percent of socially responsible large-cap funds outperformed their S&P 500 competitors in 2009.
Thank you for printing the eloquent letter from Nancy Cannon in the February 2010 issue.
You cannot hear them. You cannot see them. But Predator drones—pilotless aircraft typically used in combat in Afghanistan and Pakistan—are flying in U.S.
Sojourners has great articles, and advocates for people whom no one else will advocate for. But I will not be renewing my subscription.
Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle C

Web Extra

Janna Hunter-Bowman’s commentary in the April 2010 issue of Sojourners, They’re Bac
The Right Rules for a Wall Street Run Amok
While we often hear only about violence, many Afghans make daily sacrifices to make life better for their families and country.
For the casual Facebook user, it can be a little confusing to find all the available options for privacy control that are on Facebook.