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Holy Competition

by Becky Garrison 08-01-2011

Director Greg Barker on the making of 'Koran by Heart.'

Raising Up Voices for Indigenous Justice

by Becky Garrison 04-25-2011
During my travels connecting with communities as part of an

Revisiting Rwanda: Finding the Truth After Genocide

by Becky Garrison 03-17-2011
In the documentary Earth Made of Glass, director Deborah Scranton weaves together the stories of Rwandan President

Why I'm Fasting From Facebook This Lent

by Becky Garrison 03-02-2011
In contemplating next weekend's National Day of Unplugging, I'm reminded of the Facebook Fast I embarked on back in 2008.

Showcasing Unsung Heroes in the Middle East

by Becky Garrison 02-22-2011
During my interview in Sojourners (December 2010) w

Come Together to Combat Torture

by Becky Garrison 02-16-2011
Duke Divinity School is hosting an inter-faith conference on torture from March 25 to 26, with the National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT), the Duke Human Rights Center, and the North C

Looking For Light Along the Border

by Becky Garrison 02-08-2011

For many Americans, the Sonora Desert conjures up images of a summer vacation replete with tequila shots and sunshine with Toby Keith's "Stays in Mexico" song blaring in the background.

Paying Tribute to Global Human Trafficking Awareness Day in Style

by Becky Garrison 01-12-2011

Snapshots from Tucson

by Becky Garrison 01-10-2011

I welcomed in the New Year in Tucson, Arizona with the kind folks of the Restoration Project

Rwanda Revisited

by Becky Garrison 01-01-2011
The makers of the film Earth Made of Glass on finding truth after genocide.