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Laughing With The Infidel

by Becky Garrison 09-01-2010
Comedian Omid Djalili on being funny about faith.

What Constitutes Sacred Space at Ground Zero?

by Becky Garrison 08-27-2010
Close to nine years after the attacks on September 11, Lower Manhattan remains plagued by the sight of a gaping hole where the Twin Towers once stood.

Finding Faith in the Margins

by Becky Garrison 08-24-2010
When I was interviewed in The Austin American Statesman about my book

Get Hateful Ads Off the Bus

by Becky Garrison 08-13-2010

Changing the Script on Political Theology

by Becky Garrison 07-15-2010

Seeding Hope

by Becky Garrison 07-01-2010
Made for Goodness: And Why This Makes all the Difference, by Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu. Harper One.

Why My Faith Calls Me to March

by Becky Garrison 06-04-2010
In my research into how to build grassroots ministries that are sustainable and Christ-centered for my books,

Quitting Church: An Interview with Julia Duin

by Becky Garrison 06-01-2010

Climate of Change: Global Grassroots Environmental Success Stories

by Becky Garrison 05-26-2010

In Climate of Change, director Brian Hill tells the story of how ordinary people from around the world are taking action steps to save the environment.

The Lazarus Effect: The Miracle of AIDS Treatment in Zambia

by Becky Garrison 05-21-2010
When I got a press release announcing that Spike Jonze was the executive producer of The Lazarus Effect,

Screwtape and Self-Righteous Hell

by Becky Garrison 05-17-2010

I had the recent pleasure of seeing Max McLean's deliciously wicked portrayal of Screwtape in The Screwtape Letters currently playing at the Westside Theater in New York City. By employing some sound and lighting effects, this production gave a contemporary spin on C.S. Lewis' classic tale of a quest to slowly guide a man into hell.

The Dangers of Disconnecting from Community: An Interview with Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

by Becky Garrison 05-13-2010
Jonathan, you were quoted in a recent Christianity Today Web article about Church p

Further responses on diversity in the Emerging Church

by Shane Claiborne, by Becky Garrison 05-01-2010

I am Emergent and I Don't Fit the Stereotype

by Julie CLawson

Looking Beyond the U.S. for Emerging Church Trends

by Becky Garrison 04-14-2010

[Read more of this blog conversation in response to the Sojourners magazine article "Is the 'Emerging Church' for Whites Only?"]

Trading on Hope

by Becky Garrison 04-01-2010
An interview with Cathy Henkel, director of The Burning Season.

So Dang Jesus-y: Sara Miles' Jesus Freak

by Becky Garrison 02-22-2010

What if the Church were Christian?

by Becky Garrison 02-15-2010

As I stated in an earlier blog post, the juxtaposition of reading Philip Gulley's book

Fashion as a Social Justice Vehicle, Part 2

by Becky Garrison 02-09-2010

Continued from part 1 of an interview with Shannon Hopkins of Sweet Notions and Alissa Moore of Nomi Network.

Fashion as a Social Justice Vehicle

by Becky Garrison 02-08-2010

Examining El Salvador's Past and Potential

by Becky Garrison 02-05-2010
Tomorrow, Jamie Moffett, director of The Ordinary Radicals, will debut the first seven minutes of his documentary Return to El Salvado