Further responses on diversity in the Emerging Church

I am Emergent and I Don't Fit the Stereotype

by Julie CLawson

"A truth that I’ve repeatedly been reminded of this past year is the utter inappropriateness of basing one’s identity on the belittling of others. What it means to be a man of integrity cannot be defined through the mocking of Asian culture. What it means to be a Real Man cannot be defined through the debasement of women. And what it means to be a real 21st Century Christian cannot be defined through the dismissal of the entire Western church ..." (continue reading here)

This Is What the Emerging Church Looks Like?

by Jarrod McKenna

"How would you react if someone called you an “evangelical”? How about if they called you part of “the emerging church”? Does “evangelicalism” make you think of a history of compassionate activism or reactionary fundamentalism? Does “emerging church” bring up for you connotations of fresh creativity or sloppy theology? With the new cover article for Sojourners, blogs are hot with discussion of the emerging church (again). Some of which is helpful, asking important question that help us more fully embody the Gospel we profess. Others posts reminds me (to paraphrase Zizek) that fundamentalism in its last death throes will always be the most fierce ..." (continue reading here)

Why Outsider Critiques are Important for Emergent

by Soong-Chan Rah

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Sojourners Magazine May 2010
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