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I Am Legend: Isolated But Not Alone

by Becky Garrison 12-21-2007

When I got an invite to the premiere of the IMAX screening for I am Legend, I went to the theater expecting an evening of frothy fun and engaging eye candy - pure escapism at its best. While the sight of zombies up close and personal almost caused me to jump out of my seat a few times, I was more shocked to discover that this action-packed [...]

Mother Teresa's Advent Light

by Becky Garrison 12-17-2007

When I went to check my post office box after Thanksgiving, among the pile of mail waiting for me were review copies of Dinesh D'Souza's What's So Great about Christianity and Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light.

I first [...]

What Would Jesus Buy?

by Becky Garrison 12-06-2007

I became aware of Rev. Billy last year through my friend Jahneen Otis, who serves as the musical director of St. Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery. Some of her musicians and singers perform in the Stop Shopping Choir and the [...]

Expectations May Exceed Ex-Athiest's Explanations

by Becky Garrison 11-23-2007

Back in 2004, Anthony Flew, the world's most prominent atheist, stated he believed in God. Since this pronouncement, some of his fellow atheists treat him as though he's gone over to the dark side and literally lost his mind. In a nutshell, they feel this champion of their cause has flown the coop, as it were, and is being used as a pawn by those Christians who need someone of Flew's stature to give weight to the entire Intelligent Design movement. (

Nice Atheists and Mean Atheists

by Becky Garrison 11-05-2007

Faithful Progressive offers this insightful comparison of religious extremists and their secular counterparts.

The historical trends which led to the rise of the simplistic and hateful religious right seem to be operating with full force among atheists as well. Simple fear has a lot to do with it, and fear is rarely the source of the best [...]

Not Just Another PC Peace and Justice Group

by Becky Garrison 09-28-2007

When I got an invitation to attend the launch of New York Faith & Justice (, their mission statement caught my eye. Simply stated, their goals are: Following Christ, uniting the church, and ending poverty in New York through spiritual formation, education, and direct advocacy. Grounded in the words of Isaiah 61, this movement [...]

Pete Seeger and the U2charist

by Becky Garrison 06-01-2007
During the Tribeca Film Festival, I happened to catch the world premiere of the documentary