Heather Wilson

Heather loves pinhole cameras, the Pacific Coast, the power of story, frequenting protests, getting on planes with her passport, camels-as-transportation, helping to empower voices on the margins, and anything related to Afghanistan. She has spent the past 10 years working throughout the U.S., Asia, and the Middle East, doing photography and communications work for developmental non-governmental organizations.

Heather is currently Digital and Creative Director for PICO. To peruse her photography, visit Dust and Light Photography, and follow her on Twitter @aNomadPhotog.

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Clergy Came to Charlottesville

by Heather Wilson 08-14-2017

Photographer Heather Wilson accompanied dozens of faith leaders from a Friday night worship service to the streets of Charlottesville. Click through for her images of clergy presence in Charlottesville this weekend. 


View From Standing Rock: 'No Spiritual Surrender'

by Heather Wilson, by the Web Editors 11-28-2016

In the last week, reports of police using concussion grenades, water cannons, and tear gas on members of the Standing Rock Sioux and gathered Water Protectors resulted in dozens of activists being hospitalized. What comes next remains to be seen. Over the weekend, the Army Corps of Engineers ordered an eviction of Oceti Sakowin Camp by Dec. 5. On Nov. 27, the agency updated its eviction notice to say it "has no plans for forcible removal. But those who choose to stay do so at their own risk ... [and] will be considered unauthorized and may be subject to citation under federal, state, or local laws."

Nearly 1,500 veterans, EMTS, and firefighters have pledged to arrive to camp on Dec. 4 to stand in support of the Water Protectors, and there are signs that the militarized response to the protests is wearing on North Dakota’s resources.

The #FlintWaterCrisis Photo Everyone Should See

by Heather Wilson, by the Web Editors 02-03-2016

The crisis in Flint, Mich., has sparked outrage and condemnation, hitting covers and front pages of national media outlets, and pointing to yet another example of our country's original sin of systemic racism. Photographer Heather Wilson shares with us this image from Flint: the old water pipes — blamed for high levels of lead in the city's water, leading to neurological damage in infants and children — v. the new pipes in the background.

#UnitedWeFight — Clergy in Ferguson March for Justice

by Heather Wilson 08-14-2015
A photo essay by Heather Wilson

Image via Heather Wilson/Dust and Light Photography

PHOTO ESSAY: On Monday, fifty-seven people were arrested as part of the #UnitedWeFight march and peaceful civil disobedience at the Thomas F. Eagleton U.S. Courthouse. The march was in commemoration of the year-long resistance sparked in #Ferguson by the murder of #MikeBrown.

Together, hundreds of community leaders, activists, organizers, and clergy from the St. Louis, Mo., area and nationwide demanded US Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri Richard Callahan take immediate action on the findings of the Department of Justice reports. When clergy and activists breached the barricades and sat in front of the building, they were slowly arrested as the St. Louis police arrived in the dozens.

Afghanistan: A Decade of Life in the Midst of Conflict

by Heather Wilson 10-09-2011

On the crest of that hill, mourning the violence Kabul had suffered, I stumbled upon a patch of vibrant wild tulips growing at my feet, and was reminded that, even in this place of bloodshed, beauty and life returns.

Today, may we remember the life, hope, and courage that remains in Afghanistan.

Dissenters, Monastics, and Doubters: My Kind of Faith at the Wild Goose Festival

by Heather Wilson 07-01-2011

Fed up and worn out from the grind of life in D.C., I decided to head to Shakori Hills, North Carolina for the Wild Goose Festival last weekend.

Audio Slideshow with Heather Wilson

by Heather Wilson 03-01-2011

In this audio slideshow, photographer Heather Wilson talks about the beauty of the people, culture, and land of Afghanistan that she experienced while living there.

Cairo is Burning, Mr. President

by Heather Wilson 02-07-2011

While watching live footage from Egypt over the past few weeks, over and over my question has been, so what can I do?

Clergy and Students Pray Together for the DREAM Act

by Heather Wilson 12-15-2010
Interfaith leaders and graduating high school students from across the United States joined hands to pray in the Hart Senate Office Building yesterday at the end of a http://www.christianp

Celebrating MLK's Dream Amidst Controversy: A Photo Essay

by Heather Wilson 08-31-2010

"I have a dream