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Trump Administration Ends Transgender Protections in School

by the Web Editors 02-23-2017

The Trump administration is ending Obama-era protections of transgender students from discrimination “on the basis of sex.”

Standing Rock Protesters Hold Leaving Ceremony by Burning Camp

by the Web Editors 02-22-2017

The AP also reports that at least 150 of the 200-300 people left in the camp left peacefully and earlier than the evacuation deadline. Several busses, vans and a towing truck greeted the protestors to transport them to North Dakota’s capital city of Bismarck. Others chose to stay and face the consequences – forcible removal and jail.

Women-Led Films Reached All-Time High in 2016

by the Web Editors 02-22-2017

Both the highest grossing film all year, Rogue One, and the highest grossing Best Picture nominee, Hidden Figures, were led by female protagonists

New DHS Policy Expands Deportations, Increases Personnel

by the Web Editors 02-21-2017

New policies also allow for easier immediate deportation by expanding the expedited removal process. This specific part of the policy allows U.S Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement to deport people at a faster rate from anywhere in the country. DHS has also ordered 10,000 new immigration and customs agents, plus the revival of a program that qualifies local police officers to assist in deportation. 

Senate Votes to Confirm Scott Pruitt to Lead the EPA

by the Web Editors 02-17-2017

Image via Gage Skidmore/

On Feb. 17, by a 52-46 vote, the U.S. Senate confirmed Scott Pruitt as the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Pruitt’s nomination by President Donald Trump to head the agency was decried by many as soon as it was announced, due to Pruitt’s history of opposition to the standards of the agency he now leads; Pruitt even sued the EPA 14 times.

Weekly Wrap 2.17.17: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

by the Web Editors 02-17-2017

1. The Lasting Trauma of Japanese American Incarceration
Sunday marks 75 years since the signing of Executive Order 9066, which led to the mass incarceration of tens of thousands of Japanese Americans. A look back, and lessons for today.

2. The Ancient City ISIS Is Destroying, Preserved Online
A new digital exhibition, “The Legacy of Ancient Palmyra,” features prints and photographs from the pre-Islamic metropolis.

3. Trump Says He Wants to Prioritize Christian Refugees. Middle Eastern Christians in the U.S. Respond.
The reaction to Trump’s statements among Assyrians living in the U.S. is far from uniform.

WATCH: 5 Veterans of Civil Rights Movement Offer ‘Full Frontal’s Ashley Nicole Black Tips for Resistance

by the Web Editors 02-16-2017

What advice to civil rights veterans have for those weary from weeks of protests? 

"Suck it up. It's too important not to," Joan Trumpauer Mulholland told Full Frontal with Samantha Bee's Ashley Nicole Black.

World Relief Cuts at Least 140 Positions, Closes 5 Offices in Wake of Trump’s Refugee Order

by the Web Editors 02-15-2017

Syrian mother with three children in one of the Asylum Centers near Belgrade on Jan. 31. Zeljko Sinobad /

World Relief, a global humanitarian organization and one of the main non-governmental organizations involved in the U.S. refugee resettlement program, announced today that the organization is laying off at least 140 employees and shuttering five local offices "as a direct result of the recent decision by the Trump Administration to dramatically reduce the number of refugees resettled in the U.S. throughout fiscal year 2017."

Feb. 16 Will Be a ‘Day Without Immigrants’ In D.C.

by the Web Editors 02-14-2017

Image via Ryan Bodrick Beiler/

On Feb. 16 immigrants in Washington, D.C., plan to go on strike from work and other economic engagements, creating a “Day Without Immigrants,” just as immigrants in Wisconsin did on Feb. 13, reports the Washingtonian.

A flyer advertising the “Day Without Immigrants” calls for immigrants to avoid shopping, going to work, and eating at restaurants.

States With High Number of Undocumented Immigrants Don't Majorly Support Deportation

by the Web Editors 02-13-2017

Image via ndlon/

A recent study by the Public Religion Research Institute reveals there aren’t any states in the U.S. in which 50 percent or more of its residents support deportation as adequate reform of the immigration system. Even in California, Texas, and Florida, states that respectively have the highest, second-highest, and third-highest number of undocumented immigrants in the country, this holds true.