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Weekly Wrap 2.16.18: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

by the Web Editors 02-16-2018

3. Where to See More Work by Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald, the Obama Portraists

After the Obama portraits were unveiled this week, columnists and bloggers dissected every artistic choice, including the Obamas’ choice of artists themselves. Here’s where you can see more of their stunning work.

4. All the White Supremacists Running for Office in 2018

HuffPost is updating this list as needed in the run up to November.

More Allegations of Sexual Exploitation By Oxfam, Other Aid Workers

by the Web Editors 02-14-2018

Image via 360b/

Van Hauwermeiren is accused of using prostitutes in a house rented with charitable funds in 2011 along with six other aid workers. Oxfam allowed him to resign without any disciplinary action on the basis that he fully cooperate with the investigation. The other aid workers left the organization after an internal investigation claimed they were engaged in general “misconduct.”

Labor Union Organization Forming ‘Sanctuary Union’ to Protect Immigrant Members

by the Web Editors 02-12-2018

Image via Diane Herr / Flickr

The Teamsters' decision to actively protect immigrants stems from one of its members, Eber Garcia Vasquez, 54, was deported in August to Guatemala with no criminal record and two pending green card applications for him and his family. 

California Police Accused of Working with Neo-Nazis to Target Anti-Fascists

by the Web Editors 02-09-2018

Image via Kevin Cortopassi / Flickr

According to court documents, California Highway Patrol (CHP) worked with and expressed sympathy with the neo-Nazi Traditionalist Workers Party (TWP), treating them as victims and attempted to protect their identity.

Weekly Wrap 2.9.18: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

by the Web Editors 02-09-2018

3. Bresha Meadows, Teen Imprisoned for Shooting Abusive Father, Returns Home

Her case garnered national headlines, provoking questions about the criminal justice system and the criminalization of black women and girls.

4. How ‘The Good Place’ Gets People Thinking About God

Two seasons in, The Good Place offers plenty of conversation prompts about the afterlife.

Trump Leans Into Christian Nationalism in Prayer Breakfast Speech

by the Web Editors 02-08-2018

Image via C-SPAN

While avoiding the policy pronouncements that marked last year, Trump at this year’s breakfast spoke of a desire to “worship without fear” —  a nod to religious freedom concerns  often expressed by evangelical leaders.

Nancy Pelosi Quotes from Bible in Filibuster-Style Speech for Dreamers

by the Web Editors 02-07-2018

Image via C-SPAN.

"The parable of the good Samaritan is one that has been used over and over again to welcome strangers," Pelosi said. "Samaritans were not friends to the person that the Samaritan saved. But he was a man of justice."


Televangelist Suggests Christians Do Not Need the Flu Shot

by the Web Editors 02-07-2018

Image via RWW blog/YouTube 

The Copeland family has a history of discouraging their followers from getting vaccinated. In 2013, Eagle Mountain International Church, a church in Newark, Texas founded by the Copelands, came under fire after a measles outbreak was linked to members of their church. Twenty-one people contracted measles after an unvaccinated person caught the disease overseas and visited the church.

Thousands March for NHS Funding in U.K.

by the Web Editors 02-06-2018

Image via John Gomez / Shutterstock

The People's Assembly responded in a statement that they were campaigning against an American-style healthcare system that is "expensive, inefficient and unjust.

International Evangelical Leaders Condemn Fujimori Pardon in Peru

by the Web Editors 02-05-2018

Image via Alfonso Wieland 

"We believe that this pardon does not contribute to the process of national reconciliation because it turns its back on the victims and because it is the product of apparent pact of impunity. We believe that without sincere repentance and without meeting the expectation of justice and reparation for those whose rights were trampled an authentic reconciliation cannot exist and cannot be achieved."