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Our Articles Just Won Awards

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It’s awards season in the journalism world, and we are delighted to share that Sojourners magazine and sojo.net won a total of 12 awards from the Associated Church Press, including second place in Best in Class National/International Magazine. Additionally, the Evangelical Press Association gave Sojourners magazine 11 awards, including first place in overall excellence for general print magazines and multiple awards for art and design.

We are grateful to work with so many gifted writers, reporters, and illustrators, and we want to take this opportunity to toot our collective horn. Take a moment to read some of our award-winning stories from 2021.

1. Finding Our Way in Post-Trump America by Jacqui Lewis, Margaret Atwood, Paul Ortiz, Leana Wen, Megan Rohrer, Ben Lowe, Wajahat Ali, Jenny Yang, Valarie Kaur, Otis Moss III
Historians, theologians, artists, and activists reflect on where we go from here. In-Depth Coverage, Award of Excellence (first place), Associated Church Press

2. Here's How Your Church Can Help Survivors of Domestic Violence by Maryclare Beche
Practical ways faith communities can recognize and prevent domestic violence while supporting those experiencing it. Service Journalism, Award of Excellence (first place), Associated Church Press

3. This Isn't Goodbye, It's... Well, Okay, It's Goodbye by Ed Spivey Jr.
“I have spent most of my adult life at Sojourners, and it would require a superspreader event to thank all who have been a part of that journey.” Humor, Written, Award of Excellence (first place), Associated Church Press

4. What God Has Joined Together: When Family Values Clash With the Book of Discipline by Lydia Wylie-Kellermann and Bill Wylie-Kellermann
Reflections on a forbidden wedding in a time of denominational divide. Personal Experience  Long Format, Award of Excellence (first place), Associated Church Press

5. Snorting Nutmeg at Vacation Bible School with Lucy Dacus by Jenna Barnett
In her new album, Home Video, Dacus unpacks her often churchy adolescence. Critical Review, Award of Merit (second place), Associated Church Press

6. Supreme Court Rules for Catholic Group in LGBTQ Foster Care Case by Gina Ciliberto and Joshua Eaton
The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that Philadelphia’s nondiscrimination clause violated the First Amendment. News Story  short format, Honorable Mention #2, Associated Church Press

7. Texas Clergy Are Taking a Stand Against the New Abortion Law by Sandi Villarreal
“I’m going to help get you the health care you need no matter the risk,” said Rev. Shelby Dean Nowland. News Story  long format, Honorable Mention, Associated Church Press

8. Meeting God Beyond the Binary by Joy Ladin
How the Bible affirms transgender and nonbinary people. Biblical Interpretation or Lectionary Reflection  long format, Honorable Mention, Associated Church Press

9. Through the Fire by Danté Stewart
“We will have to be there for one another in ways we never imagined.” Devotional / Inspirational  long format, Honorable Mention, Associated Church Press

10. Can You Loosen Orion’s Belt? by Deborah Haarsma
We are proof that science and God are not in competition. Devotional, second place, Evangelical Press Association

11. God Is in the Making by Julie Polter
Artist Makoto Fujimura on loving what is broken and the holy work of repair. General Article  long format, second place, Evangelical Press Association

12. Pass Me Anything But the Peace by Jenna Barnett
“I would remain until all the peace was passed and all the post-church lemony sugar water consumed.” Humorous, second place, Evangelical Press Association

13. What Is Church Now? by Christina Colón
Churches across North America grapple with how they’ll be different in the post-quarantine era. Reporting, fourth place, Evangelical Press Association

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