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The #FlintWaterCrisis Photo Everyone Should See

Update (12:30 p.m.): From the Flint Water Plant supervisor: The pipe pictured is from the pump station. The pipes from the 40s (seen here) are being replaced with the new pipes (seen behind). According to the supervisor, the corrosion pictured is "sediment."

According to Heather Wilson, reporting from Flint, the larger problem beyond the lead is the city's crumbling infrastructure resulting from decades of disinvestment in the community and nearly two years of an emergency manager that was accountable to the governor instead of the people.

This is just the surface.

Original report: The crisis in Flint, Mich., has sparked outrage and condemnation, hitting covers and front pages of national media outlets, and pointing to yet another example of our country's original sin of systemic racism. 

Photographer Heather Wilson shares with us this image from Flint: the old water pipes — blamed for high levels of lead in the city's water, leading to neurological damage in infants and children — v. the new pipes in the background. 

Stay tuned as Wilson continues to report from Flint.

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