Dr. Joel C. Hunter is senior pastor of Northland Church in Orlando, Florida.

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What I Learned After the Pulse Nightclub Shooting

by Joel C. Hunter 06-09-2017

Image via RNS/Reuters/Jim Young

Our natural tendency after a horrific event is to rush too quickly into blame and explanation.

After the Pulse nightclub shooting here in Orlando, the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, which targeted the LGBTQ community and left 50 people dead including the shooter, I was probably not alone in asking, “Who did this and why?”

A Mile in Your Shoes

by Joel C. Hunter 04-01-2012

We need to build understanding as well as skills to break the cycle of poverty, because our obligation as Christians is not just help, it’s love.

Trigger Words

by Joel C. Hunter 07-25-2011

I got accused of everything from turning my back on Christ to taking God out of the classroom!

Civility is Only a Beginning

by Joel C. Hunter 03-01-2011

Society's challenges won't be resolved just by being civil in our public discourse.

Living in the Valley

by Joel C. Hunter 11-01-2010

My 5-year-old granddaughter lost her battle with cancer. We returned from a family vacation, where Ava was her usual playful, exuberant self, and the next day she complained of a headache.

The Legacy of Apartheid

by Joel C. Hunter 07-01-2010
Are parties becoming just another name for permanent divisiveness?

Of Builders and Bombers

by Joel C. Hunter 04-01-2010
We underestimate the power of a single voice.

God's Two Books

by Joel C. Hunter 02-01-2010

I recently attended a private symposium of Christian leaders—scientists, theologians, and pastors, along with other scholars.

The Pastor's Dilemma

by Joel C. Hunter 12-01-2009

Addressing social issues with courage and compassion.

A More Noble Way

by Joel C. Hunter 09-01-2009

Never let a problem to be solved become more important than the person to be loved. —Barbara Johnson

A Walk to Remember

by Joel C. Hunter 07-01-2009

I loved that movie with Mandy Moore about a terminally ill preacher’s daughter who tutored a rebellious peer.