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They're Back

by Janna Hunter-Bowman 04-01-2010
Colombian paramilitaries target community and church leaders.

A Paramilitary Death Threat Against the Church

by Janna Hunter-Bowman 04-01-2010

Janna Hunter-Bowman’s commentary in the April 2010 issue of Sojourners, They’re Bac

A Prophetic Call in the Midst of Political Corruption (Colombia's Churches Cry Out, Part 2)

by Janna Hunter-Bowman 09-23-2009

Colombia's Churches Cry Out for Accompaniment

by Janna Hunter-Bowman 09-22-2009

"If [state officials and the paramilitary groups] knew what we were telling you, we would be riddled with bullets as soon as we walked out that door."

Dear Hacker: Letters to the Man Who Hijacked My E-mail Account

by Janna Hunter-Bowman 06-25-2009
One day last month, friends and family from around the world flooded me with messages alerting me to some suspicious activity in my yahoo e-mail account

Justice for Victims of Colombia's Military

by Janna Hunter-Bowman 06-19-2009
On June 8, Pastor Reinel Martinez Medina testified before the Colombian Congress on the execution of his brother at the hands of Colombian Public Security Forces: "I dare to speak out about my brot

The Solidarity of Motherhood

by Janna Hunter-Bowman 02-03-2009
Today I listened to a persecuted woman, mother to mother.

A Pastor's Brother Killed in the Colombian Army's Grotesque Fraud

by Janna Hunter-Bowman 11-13-2008

If no one speaks out, the violence is going to continue. Someone has to give voice to what is hidden.

A Colombian Peacemaker's 'Option for Civil Resistance'

by Janna Hunter-Bowman 09-16-2008

We are deeply concerned.

Who's Winning in Colombia's Conflict?

by Janna Hunter-Bowman 08-26-2008

What have you heard about the paramilitary leaders extradited to the U.S. on drug trafficking charges? As formally demobilized paramilitary, they were being processed under what is known as the "justice and peace law" and were in the midst of hearings. Their confessions of macabre acts, partial at best, evolved to include naming ties with the Colombian government and international corporations. [...]