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Tearing Down Walls in Memphis

by Amy Barger 09-22-2010
On a muggy Memphis night last week, Tiffany Kelly and Imani Phipps, both juniors at local high schools, sat at the top of the historic Levitt Shell amphitheater as chants of "One Memphis, One Love"

Maryland Acts for Privacy and Peace

by Amy Barger 07-01-2010

Since 1968, public high schools in most states have been administering a military aptitude test and providing the Pentagon with names, addresses, and phone numbers, detailed career plans, Social Se

Extended Interview on Community

by Amy Barger 07-01-2010

Community That Transforms (Extended Interview)

Community That Transforms

by Sondra Haaga, by Bob Sabath, by Amy Barger 07-01-2010

An intergenerational conversation on why we need Christian community, and where to find it.

Bishops Against Nuke Madness

by Amy Barger 06-01-2010

Just months after a 9,000-pound atomic bomb known as “Fat Man” exploded over Nagasaki, Japan, the city’s current Catholic archbishop was born.

Let Them Eat Junk

by Amy Barger 04-01-2010
Food insecurity takes a physical toll.

Earth, Science, Climate Change

by Amy Barger 02-01-2010

Leading evangelicals and climate scientists met on Capitol Hill in November to urge policymakers to tackle the issue of climate change.

Finally, Jubilee!

by Amy Barger 01-01-2010

After a grand slam of hurricanes devastated Haiti in 2008, relief agencies promptly pitched in to clean up.

Churches Speak to G20 Leaders

by Amy Barger 12-01-2009

Prior to September's G20 summit in Pittsburgh, 37 U.S.

Robed Revolutionary: Thoughts on Progressivism from the Ultimate 'Conservative'

by Amy Barger 11-05-2009

The bearded, robed, and bespectacled keynote speaker at Georgetown University's Gaston Hall on Tuesday made a wise first move. His All Holiness Bartholomew I, Ecumenical Patriarch of the Orthodox Christian World, began his speech by naming the elephant in the room.

Health-Care Bankruptcies Hurt All of Us

by Amy Barger 09-16-2009
A bankruptcy office was not on my dream list of places to work after college. The legal realm seemed opaque and impersonal.