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More Resources on Intentional Community

by Bob Sabath, by Sondra Haaga 07-01-2010

For more on building Christian community, Bob Sabath and Sondra Shepley suggest the following resources (but Bob cautions, “Books a community doth not make!”).

Community That Transforms

by Sondra Haaga, by Bob Sabath, by Amy Barger 07-01-2010

An intergenerational conversation on why we need Christian community, and where to find it.

Greed is God: Exporting the Values of America's Prosperity Heresy

by Sondra Haaga 01-27-2010

America, dominating the global economy, imports more goods than it exports. What is less tangible, but possibly more important, is how America exports its values to a rapidly interconnecting global society.

Christian Voters Need to Reorient, not Disengage

by Sondra Haaga 10-31-2008
In the spirit of honest and civil dialogue, I would like to both affirm and respectfully disagree with a few points made by Shane Claiborne i

A Bias Against Sunday Segregation

by Sondra Haaga 08-07-2008

American churches are still segregated, and it is the way most of us—regardless of our race—would like to keep it. At least, so suggests the recent online CNN article titled, “Why Americans Prefer Their Segregated Sundays." Curtiss DeYoung, professor of Reconciliation Studies at [...]

For Whites Only: Things to Consider When Entering the Race Conversation

by Sondra Haaga 03-20-2008

In response to the racially tinged controversial remarks made by his former pastor, Barack Obama's speech on the current state of race and politics in America is one that I believe every American should listen to and/or read. It is with this in mind that I wish to address the specific challenges and [...]