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Open the Discussion

Thank you for printing the eloquent letter from Nancy Cannon in the February 2010 issue. We understand that setting priorities is difficult for an organization like Sojourners, and that you are striving to bring religious and spiritual people together for the common good. However, the rights of gays, lesbians, transgender individuals, and bisexuals are for the most part ignored; many of our friends and family members who are not heterosexual are left out of the Sojourners agenda.

We are Episcopalians who have intentionally, prayerfully taken a stand for equal rights for all. Although we don’t expect all denominations to do the same, we do believe it’s time for some open discussion. What better forum than Sojourners?
Maxine Sitts and Tom Breckenridge
San Leandro, California

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Sojourners Magazine April 2010
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