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Sojourners Magazine: September-October 2001

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Cover Story

An interview with Palestinian Christian Jonathan Kuttab.
Jewish Unity for a Just Peace
You wouldn't know it from media reports, but there's a hopeful movement being born in the Middle East
Why 'Holy Land Tours' miss the real story
On the front lines with Christian Peacemaker Teams
Following Jesus in occupied territory.
Rabbis for Human Rights


When Jesus met the Samaritan woman, he was talking to us.
And how did he become the 'most influential Christian' in the country?
What do you get for the magazine that has little and wants everything?
How Isabella Baumfree became Sojourner Truth.
2001 marked the 150th anniversary of Sojourner Truth's famous "Arn't I A Woman?" speech. What does this preacher, agitator, theologian, and ex-slave have to say to us today?


Are in-your-face visits to prison the best we can do for 'troubled' teens?
Don't know much about history. Obviously.
What does standardized testing have to do with education?
The consequence for war crimes? It depends.


Millionaire space tourist Dennis Tito's joy ride was sheer hubris; talk about placing yourself at the center of the universe!
We killed McVeigh to make it clear that he was not like us.
It's not a matter of who's wrong or right, unless Santa somehow gets involved.
My wife, Joy, my son, Luke, and I had dinner recently with our friend Michael Lerner and his wife, Debora, in their Berkeley, California home.

Culture Watch

An author, biblical scholar, and itinerant teacher tells what sounds, sights, and words he's enjoying these days.
The Simpsons' love-hate relationship with religion.
Cornel West is nothing if not prolific.
Jews and Christians is a great example of how magnificent television can be.
How does one approach the task of writing about a continent as diverse as Africa, filled with extremes of poverty and beauty, suffering and hope?
Rock has done the most to break down social conventions and cultural norms. So where are the gay rock stars?
Do you remember what Dr. Arroway (Jodie Foster) said, in the movie Contact, when she was launched by The Pod into humanity's first meeting with non-Earthlings? 
The first thing one notices about the handsome young man in the jacket photo is his two full sleeves of tattoos.
Bread and Roses, the latest from British director Ken Loach, portrays with incredible precision the reality of the modern immigrant experience in industrialized nations.


JIM WALLIS, YOU ARE a prophet, a Christian activist, and an advocate for justice. And besides, you are my hero.
IN YOUR AMAZING conversation between Bill Wylie-Kellermann and David Batstone ("God is My Palm Pilot," July-August 2001), I must side with Wylie-Kellermann.
At the Faithdome in South Central Los Angeles in May, one of the most dynamic religious movements in the world was out in full force...
This spring 14 undocumented Mexican immigrants died from prolonged exposure to extreme heat in the Arizona desert.
When a University of California campus saw a marked increase in date rape, an unlikely alliance emerged. 
IN JIM WALLIS' column on poverty not being a Left-Right issue, he is saying things that most of us progressives have been saying all along.
One of America's greatest strengths is our diversity of faith traditions. New research suggests we're getting stronger every day.
Truth commissions have brought to light atrocities in South Africa, El Salvador, and elsewhere across the globe. But some feel such hearings are needed closer to home.
We are reminded that the commitment to the gospel is an absolute one. Reflections on the revised common lectionary, Cycle C.
An individual's right to refuse active military service on the grounds of conscience is a "fundamental aspect of the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion..."
This issue of Sojourners marks our 30th anniversary (yes, Sojourners is older than some of our staff-it's even older than some of the leftovers in our office refrigerator).
AIN'T NO SUCH baby as the Scottish Royal Navy ("Great Scot!" Between the Lines, May-June 2001), there's just the Royal Navy.
Two-Edged. In a national effort to disarm all fighting units in Sierra Leone, the U.N. destroyed nearly 10,000 firearms in a month-long amnesty period. 
I FAIL TO SEE how it is a Catholic position to demand that the budget surplus be used for things other than a tax cut.
Are we doomed to descend ever-deeper into rage on the road, revenge in the workplace, and ruin in the home?
The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada has decided that breaking the law can be a Christian duty.
Looking for more information on U.S. drug policy? 
St. Paul-Reformation Lutheran Church turned the tables on hate-monger Fred Phelps in May when Phelps brought 10 of his followers to protest the ordination of Anita Hill, a lesbian pastor.
I CERTAINLY AGREE with Danny Duncan Collum's assessment of Disney as a "faceless transnational conglomerate..."
Employment Opportunities
I keep track of the comings and goings of people.