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46 Million Reasons for Health-Care Reform

The moral imperatives for change.

New Conspirators on the Emerging Edge

by Tom Sine 02-20-2008

God is doing something new through a new generation of conspirators. They are comprised by at least four streams: emerging, missional, multicultural, and monastic. You can read about what God is doing through a new generation of innovators in The New [...]

Mosaics: The New Multicultural Conspirators

by Tom Sine 02-08-2008

Last week I shared a snapshot of the new monastics. This week I will look at the mosaics. God is doing something new through a new generation of multicultural church planters.

Efrem Smith, who coauthored The Hip-Hop [...]

The New Monastic Conspirators

by Tom Sine 02-01-2008

Discover what God is doing through a new generation of risk-takers, innovators, and prophets at The New Conspirators. We have asked these young conspirators, who comprise at least four new streams, to share their stories, dreams, and struggles on Feb. 28-March 1, 2008, in Seattle. These four streams include: the new monasticism, the mosaic [...]

Making It Real

by Tom Sine 01-01-2008

How to live as if another world were already here.

On A Wing And A Prayer

by Tom Sine 06-01-2006
Neighbourhood preparedness is important, particularly in poorer communities.

Divided by a Common Faith

by Tom Sine 10-01-2004

Evangelicals in the United States are increasingly estranged from their counterparts everywhere else.

Needed: Clear Vision

by Tom Sine 11-01-2002

David Batstone decries political and theological imagination in "Utopia: No Garden of Eden" (July-August 2002).

Who is Tim LaHaye?

by Tom Sine 09-01-2001
And how did he become the 'most influential Christian' in the country?

Branded for Life

by Tom Sine 09-01-2000

21st Century global marketers are more seductive than ever before. And they want your kids.