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46 Million Reasons for Health-Care Reform

The moral imperatives for change.

New Conspirators on the Emerging Edge

by Tom Sine 02-20-2008

God is doing something new through a new generation of conspirators. They are comprised by at least four streams: emerging, missional, multicultural, and monastic. You can read about what God is doing through a new generation of innovators in The New [...]

Mosaics: The New Multicultural Conspirators

by Tom Sine 02-08-2008

Last week I shared a snapshot of the new monastics. This week I will look at the mosaics. God is doing something new through a new generation of multicultural church planters.

Efrem Smith, who coauthored The Hip-Hop [...]

The New Monastic Conspirators

by Tom Sine 02-01-2008

Discover what God is doing through a new generation of risk-takers, innovators, and prophets at The New Conspirators. We have asked these young conspirators, who comprise at least four new streams, to share their stories, dreams, and struggles on Feb. 28-March 1, 2008, in Seattle. These four streams include: the new monasticism, the mosaic [...]

Making It Real

by Tom Sine 01-01-2008

How to live as if another world were already here.

On A Wing And A Prayer

by Tom Sine 06-01-2006
Neighbourhood preparedness is important, particularly in poorer communities.

Divided by a Common Faith

by Tom Sine 10-01-2004

Evangelicals in the United States are increasingly estranged from their counterparts everywhere else.

Needed: Clear Vision

by Tom Sine 11-01-2002

David Batstone decries political and theological imagination in "Utopia: No Garden of Eden" (July-August 2002).

Who is Tim LaHaye?

by Tom Sine 09-01-2001
And how did he become the 'most influential Christian' in the country?

Branded for Life

by Tom Sine 09-01-2000

21st Century global marketers are more seductive than ever before. And they want your kids.

Suspicions of Conspiracy

by Tom Sine 07-01-1995

How a spirit of fear can distort scripture and history.

A Hijacked Heritage

by Tom Sine 03-01-1995

The Religious Right has hijacked American evangelicalism and made it an aberration in the global evangelical community.

The CIA's Bad Crowd

by Tom Sine 02-01-1994

I AM NOT SURPRISED by the recent CIA "leaks" regarding President Aristide, given the track record of American intelligence services over the past 50 years, but...

Bringing Down the Final Curtain

by Tom Sine 06-01-1984

Doomsday predictions and the God of history.