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The CIA's Bad Crowd

I AM NOT SURPRISED by the recent CIA "leaks" regarding President Aristide, given the track record of American intelligence services over the past 50 years, but I am disappointed (see "Into the Frying Pan," by Joe Nangle, O.F.M., December 1993).

I have worked in Haiti for seven years in economic development and I have seen firsthand the calloused brutality of those military leaders who have been revealed to be employees of the CIA. Wouldn't it be informative if the CIA would also publish the psychological profile of Gen. Cédras and the other thugs who show no reluctance to shed the blood of innocent Haitians to protect their illicit power and their drug running and to keep democracy from taking root in Haiti?

Isn't it past time for the CIA to come in from the cold and realize it no longer has a shred of strategic excuse for supporting the brutal and oppressive in our troubled world? Perhaps it is time for a congressional oversight committee to remind the CIA that it is expected to support the foreign policy of an administration that is committed to seeing democracy restored to Haiti. People of faith need to pray that the principalities and powers will be defeated and God will finally liberate the people of Haiti from centuries of oppression.

Tom Sine

Seattle, Washington

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Sojourners Magazine February-March 1994
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