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Sojourners Magazine: February-March 1994

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Cover Story

The Churches Mobilize to Save Urban America.
The Challenge Before the Churches


Is all useful work of equal value?


We are created in the image and likeness of a trinitarian God, a community of three coequal persons: a model of perfect mutuality.
Aprototypical white suburban mom walking toward her minivan in a dimly lit parking garage glances fearfully over her shoulder at some real or perceived threat lurking off camera.
Turn your classroom into a training ground for community organizing.
The front lines of the culture wars shifted to Cincinnati this fall, and as is so often the case in wars of all kinds, truth was the first casualty.


FEASTING IS JUST half the story. To have "Sunday dinner" implies plainer weekday meals. Holiday banquets include foods not seen the rest of the year.
Over Thanksgiving weekend in 1973, a group of evangelical Christians met together in the dilapidated Chicago YMCA on Wabash Street.
As we prepare once more to commemorate the birth of Martin Luther King Jr., and to celebrate Black History Month, I am grateful to have encountered the Delany sisters.
The enormous challenge of revamping our nation's health care system has congressional leaders promising to work harder than ever. Some are even considering returning to work after lunches.

Culture Watch

A neighborhood theater offers community action.
Wendell Berry is thinking locally.
In 1936, Charlie Chaplin made one of the very last silent films, Modern Times.
These are difficult days for those who argue that America is a homogenous culture built on European-Christian principles.
Churches as religious corporations
Paul Washington and the challenge to growth.


Prior to Constantine, when the church was outlawed and, with some regularity, systematically persecuted, the reception of members was a rigorous and risky proposition.
I AM WRITING FROM way down South in a little old place called Australia regarding a letter ("Postmark") from Eleanor O. Smith in your September-October 1993 issue.
Soon it will snow but the stars...
On the third anniversary of Jean-Bertrand Aristide's landslide election to the presidency, 16 U.S.
IN RESPONSE TO your November 1993 issue ("Economics as if Values Mattered"): I heard the writers asking for ways to implement biblical economics.
Lay Volunteer OpportunitiesThis month's "Seeds" focuses on voluntary service programs. Each one here is open to all Christians regardless of denominational affiliation.
The first year of "Sharing the Sojourn"
MUCH AS I ADMIRE your magazine, I do take exception to the recipe in November 1993's "Simple Feast" (by Carey Burkett).
HEARTFELT THANKS for the wonderful articles on Howard Thurman (December 1993).
I AM NOT SURPRISED by the recent CIA "leaks" regarding President Aristide, given the track record of American intelligence services over the past 50 years, but...
The Rise of a Global Peace Service
The Clinton administration has dropped hints that it may be backing off its support for exiled Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, but members of the U.S.