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Building Supplies

  • Looking for more information on U.S. drug policy? Check out the Web site of Common Sense for Drug Policy at and the Transnational Institute's Drugs and Democracy site at Also get U.S. International Drug Control Policy: A Guide for Citizen Action, available free from the Washington Office on Latin America; (202) 797-2171;
  • The United Methodist Board of Global Ministries has developed two age-appropriate comic books featuring characters from different countries exploring global health concerns. Comic books are $3.50 each; a teachers' guide is also available. 1-800-305-9857
  • Animal Crackers is an educational resource on hunger for all ages. This free 80-page booklet includes information on world hunger (and ways we can combat it) useful for Bible studies, Sunday school classes, and groups interested in supporting the Heifer Project International vision of "passing on the gift" of livestock. 1-800-422-0474;
  • The Global Banquet: Politics of Food examines how globalization harms small farmers in the U.S. and abroad. It also looks at how diverse groups can work together to reform current "free trade" policies so that all the world's people are invited to the table. The 50-minute video is $19.95 from Maryknoll World Productions. 1-800-227-8523;

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Sojourners Magazine September-October 2001
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