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I'm Okay, You're Not…

Our editorial staff recently took the Myers-Briggs personality profile test and discovered that, surprisingly, many of us have actual personalities. The test is designed to help people understand that disagreements often occur because different personalities see things in different ways, and not because some people are wrong. In my case, however, it's because other people are wrong. Nonetheless, I cooperated fully with the test and was hopeful that the rest of the staff could finally learn how to improve themselves. (I've been very patient.)

The tests were useful in many ways, and not just because we got to sit at the big conference table and eat donuts while we filled them out. The exercise reminded us that there are indeed two sides to every issue (or, as I helpfully pointed out, "my way or the highway"), and that if we understand this simple principle then disagreements don't have to deteriorate into emotional battles. Of course, what's the fun of working in an office if you can't have emotional battles? ("I was NOT chewing bubble gum during noon prayer! By the way, do you think an ice cube would help get that stuff out of my mustache?")

The test asks a series of carefully worded questions designed to determine the unique personality traits that make us who we are, such as:

  • • Are you comfortable in groups?
  • • At a party, would you describe yourself as funny and interesting?
  • • Those people who don't find you funny and interesting...is there, like, something wrong with them, or what?
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    Sojourners Magazine September-October 2001
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