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Ungrounded Society

IN YOUR AMAZING conversation between Bill Wylie-Kellermann and David Batstone ("God is My Palm Pilot," July-August 2001), I must side with Wylie-Kellermann. In this age of ecological devastation, the bottom line in evaluating a technology is whether it is sustainable. In other words, does it facilitate human's ability to live within the natural rhythms and cycles of the earth?

Internet technologies mitigate against living in harmony with the earth. The reason? The Net has "over-extended" our relationship abilities as a race. We have opted for broad, global relationality and thus have severely compromised our energy to effectively steward local relationships-the most vital in terms of sustainability. And after all, we only have so much energy. Granted, the Net and other technologies are not at total fault in this regard. At fault is a society-including liberal Christianity-that is not grounded in a myth or wisdom tradition that vitally recognizes the rhythms of the earth as a primary referent for living.

Paul Krenzelok

Duluth, Minnesota


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Sojourners Magazine September-October 2001
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