Temples, Shrines, Mosques, and Churches

One of America's greatest strengths is our diversity of faith traditions. New research suggests we're getting stronger every day.

  • 85 percent of Christian congregations have a social ministry.
  • LA has the world's greatest variety of Buddhist communities.
  • 30 percent of American Muslims belong to the Nation of Islam.
  • American Muslims outnumber Presbyterians, Episcopalians, or Jews.
  • 45 percent of Christian churches have ecumenical worship.
  • Detroit is the center of urban Islam.
  • The first Hindu society in the U.S. was founded in 1894.
  • 8 percent of Christian congregations have interfaith ministries.

    Compiled from research at the Hartford Institute for Religion Research and The Pluralism Project.

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Sojourners Magazine September-October 2001
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