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Sojourners Magazine: May 1993

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Cover Story

Azusa Christian Community reclaims the poor and dispossessed in Boston


Filipino peasants take a stand for the forests
Beating down the doors of liberal racism


Native people have emerged as key players in Canadian politics
Washington's insights during the Year of the Woman
Why is it that Baseball '93 does not send my spirit soaring once again?
Bill Clinton believes in a place called Hope, and he has, I think, given us reason to believe with him.
Will Haiti survive the birthing of its democracy?


The shoot-out and siege in Waco, Texas have raised the issue of religious fanaticism in the mind of America.
The way life should be
Your garbage is a merry gold mine

Culture Watch

Democrats and the Liberal Makeover
Recent reads from some of talk-radio's biggest personalities
Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton provide their own juice
The life and times of Will D. Campbell


THE PUBLICATION OF the ground-breaking article "Renewing the Heart of Faith," which calls for the constructive engagement of Christians together, is a happy moment...
News brief on the report of the U.N.-sponsored Truth Commission 
The "Living The Word" section is a very worthy effort, and I have used it greatly.
A poem about a baptism
I DEEPLY APPRECIATED Jim Wallis' "Renewing the Heart of Faith" in the February-March 1993 issue.
IN A POLITICO-SOCIO-linguistic sense, Danny Duncan Collum's semi-Latinate-McCluhanesque musings on intracultural trends often seem quasi-nonsensical. What is it with the hyper-hyphenation?
I WANT TO SAY thank you for all you are doing. 
Jerry Falwell is raising funds to reactivate the Moral Majority
The disastrous fire at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant seven years ago continues to extract a heavy toll on the people of the former Soviet Union and elsewhere.
THANKS FOR THE article "A Diversity of Gifts," by David Batstone (February-March 1993).
It is the children no one else will claim who end up here, in an old farmhouse in Sonoma County, California, north of San Francisco.
Dwelling House Savings and Loan is located by choice in a primarily low-income, African-American neighborhood of Pittsburgh. 
A prototype of the world's first CFC-free refrigerator was brought from Germany to Australia in late February on the Greenpeace flagship The Rainbow Warrior 
North Korea's announcement in March that it would no longer be bound by the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty was met with international alarm and approbation.
AS USUAL, your February-March issue digs deep into my consciousness and stirs (sometimes aggravates) my soul. This time, one thing concerns me.
The spring of 1993 lends itself, tragically, to efforts aimed at combating racism.
For the past two years, the Jeremiah Group has been laying the foundations for broad-based community organizing in the greater New Orleans area. 
I WAS READING my stack of fall Sojourners out of chronological order this week.
I AGREE WITH Richard K. Taylor ("Seeing the World Through New Lenses," January 1993) in deploring rationalizations for violence.
Lectionary reflections for the month of May