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And Now the News ...

Amid criticism that emergency air-drops are difficult and ineffective, Pentagon spokespersons conceded that most of the supply bundles recently dropped over Bosnia actually landed in Sweden.

Two days later, military officials reported that American C-130 cargo planes, under cover of darkness, had dropped another 200 crates of emergency supplies over Bosnia. The mission was considered a success though no one could explain the subsequent telegram from a small Greek fishing village: "We got the food. Thanks."

The Courage of the GOP

This one is true: When President Bill Clinton challenged critics to "put up or shut up" in their criticism of his economic plan, Republicans acted decisively in targeting, as their first suggested cut -- you guessed it -- the school lunch program.

What better place to take on the bloated federal budget than free lunches for poor children? With a total annual expenditure of almost $3 billion, this budget item is almost as much as, say, two Stealth bombers. And Republican leaders claim some well-to-do parents are illegally applying for the aid, a fraud that probably results in hundreds of dollars of waste annually.

It just makes me so mad to think of these thankless kids feeding at the public trough. I can just see them in the cafeteria at lunchtime, their beady little eyes shifting from side to side as they noisily scarf down food paid for by OUR TAX DOLLARS! Money that could be used for more pressing human needs, such as congressional fact-finding tours to the Caribbean.

With all the pie-in-the-sky fiscal dreaming of the Democrats, it's nice to know that Republicans have once again shown the courage to stand up and shriek.

Capitalism 101

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