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The "Myth" of Plastic Recycling

by Jim Rice, by Brigitte Kerpsack 08-01-1993

Greenpeace activists in California blocked loading operations this spring at a dock holding recycled plastic waste bound for Southeast Asia

Drug, Alcohol, Race, & Class

by Jim Rice, by Brigitte Kerpsack 08-01-1993

If you are convicted of substance abuse, your race and class have a lot to do with whether you'll be sent to prison

Forgiveness, Not Revenge

by Brigitte Kerpsack 08-01-1993

Families of murder victims fight the death penalty.

Labor Battles Strike-Breakers

by Jim Rice, by Brigitte Kerpsack 08-01-1993

The need for strike breaker legislation

Doing the Right Thing in Massachusetts

by Jim Rice, by Brigitte Kerpsack 08-01-1993

Effects of war-tax resistance

Vets Protest 'Assassins School'

by Jim Rice, by Brigitte Kerpsack 08-01-1993

School protest

Briefly Noted

by Jim Rice, by Brigitte Kerpsack 08-01-1993

Chief Raymond Yowell of the Western Shoshone National Council has called on President Clinton not to resume nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site

Plowshares: The Struggle for Disarmament Continues

by Brigitte Kerpsack 07-01-1993

Citizens Against Racism in Eerie, Newport News trespassers, and more updates from on-the-ground activists

Hiring of Chavis a 'Stroke of Hope'

by Brigitte Kerpsack 06-01-1993

The hiring of Dr. Benjamin Chavis to head the NAACP was a "master stroke of hope" for the cities of this country, according to those who have worked closely with Chavis on urban issues.

A Community Cries Out

by Brigitte Kerpsack 06-01-1993

Guns don't belong in our streets

Serving Need, Not Greed

by Brigitte Kerpsack 05-01-1993

Dwelling House Savings and Loan is located by choice in a primarily low-income, African-American neighborhood of Pittsburgh. 

Seeking the Welfare of the City

by Brigitte Kerpsack 05-01-1993

For the past two years, the Jeremiah Group has been laying the foundations for broad-based community organizing in the greater New Orleans area. 

Workers Co-op

by Brigitte Kerpsack 04-01-1993

For a number of Central Americans in the Washington, DC area, EMPLEO workers cooperative provides an opportunity to take charge of their own lives.

Economic Resistance

by Brigitte Kerpsack 04-01-1993

A.C. Cook, like other residents of Ohio's Mahoning Valley, is tired of businesses that abandon his community in troubled times.

Co-Creators of Peace: A Union of Art and Spirit

by Brigitte Kerpsack 04-01-1993

Co-Creators of Peace With Justice, a grassroots network of creative activists, formed nearly two years ago when a small group of men and women attending the Sojourners' 20th anniversary festival ga

Christian Peacemaker Corps

by Brigitte Kerpsack 04-01-1993

As Christians struggle to find ethical and effective responses to violent conflicts, the people of Christian Peacemaker Teams hope to establish the beginnings of an active, nonviolent alternative...