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Briefly Noted

by Jim Rice, by Brigitte Kerpsack 08-01-1993

Chief Raymond Yowell of the Western Shoshone National Council has called on President Clinton not to resume nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site

The "Myth" of Plastic Recycling

by Jim Rice, by Brigitte Kerpsack 08-01-1993

Greenpeace activists in California blocked loading operations this spring at a dock holding recycled plastic waste bound for Southeast Asia

Drug, Alcohol, Race, & Class

by Jim Rice, by Brigitte Kerpsack 08-01-1993

If you are convicted of substance abuse, your race and class have a lot to do with whether you'll be sent to prison

Forgiveness, Not Revenge

by Brigitte Kerpsack 08-01-1993

Families of murder victims fight the death penalty.

Labor Battles Strike-Breakers

by Jim Rice, by Brigitte Kerpsack 08-01-1993

The need for strike breaker legislation

Doing the Right Thing in Massachusetts

by Jim Rice, by Brigitte Kerpsack 08-01-1993

Effects of war-tax resistance

Vets Protest 'Assassins School'

by Jim Rice, by Brigitte Kerpsack 08-01-1993

School protest

Plowshares: The Struggle for Disarmament Continues

by Brigitte Kerpsack 07-01-1993

Citizens Against Racism in Eerie, Newport News trespassers, and more updates from on-the-ground activists

Hiring of Chavis a 'Stroke of Hope'

by Brigitte Kerpsack 06-01-1993

The hiring of Dr. Benjamin Chavis to head the NAACP was a "master stroke of hope" for the cities of this country, according to those who have worked closely with Chavis on urban issues.

A Community Cries Out

by Brigitte Kerpsack 06-01-1993

Guns don't belong in our streets

Serving Need, Not Greed

by Brigitte Kerpsack 05-01-1993

Dwelling House Savings and Loan is located by choice in a primarily low-income, African-American neighborhood of Pittsburgh. 

Seeking the Welfare of the City

by Brigitte Kerpsack 05-01-1993

For the past two years, the Jeremiah Group has been laying the foundations for broad-based community organizing in the greater New Orleans area. 

Christian Peacemaker Corps

by Brigitte Kerpsack 04-01-1993

As Christians struggle to find ethical and effective responses to violent conflicts, the people of Christian Peacemaker Teams hope to establish the beginnings of an active, nonviolent alternative...

Workers Co-op

by Brigitte Kerpsack 04-01-1993

For a number of Central Americans in the Washington, DC area, EMPLEO workers cooperative provides an opportunity to take charge of their own lives.

Economic Resistance

by Brigitte Kerpsack 04-01-1993

A.C. Cook, like other residents of Ohio's Mahoning Valley, is tired of businesses that abandon his community in troubled times.

Co-Creators of Peace: A Union of Art and Spirit

by Brigitte Kerpsack 04-01-1993

Co-Creators of Peace With Justice, a grassroots network of creative activists, formed nearly two years ago when a small group of men and women attending the Sojourners' 20th anniversary festival ga