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Co-Creators of Peace: A Union of Art and Spirit

Co-Creators of Peace With Justice, a grassroots network of creative activists, formed nearly two years ago when a small group of men and women attending the Sojourners' 20th anniversary festival gathered together to celebrate both their creativity and their commitment to peacemaking. At that first meeting, they found both solidarity and renewed inspiration as they listened to each other's stories and danced together in prayer.

Today, the Co-Creators network has grown to include more than 140 artists, writers, musicians, and performers of all types who share similar talents, struggles, and ideas. This type of network is important, explained Patricia Lay Dorsey, a member who compiles the group's newsletter, for those who feel that their spiritual needs are not being met in the art world and find few opportunities for creative expression in the peace movement. The network is also able to reach many people who would otherwise be isolated either geographically or spiritually. For example, the network now extends into suburbs, inner cities, prisons, farms, and shelters in 33 states.

Members use the connections made through Co-Creators in many different ways -- while some correspond with friends met through the mailing list, others "connect silently in prayer." All receive the network's newsletter, which is filled with submissions of poetry, artwork, news, letters, and other creative input. This summer, the group will gather for the first time since the Sojourners' festival at a June 24-27 retreat in Muncie, Indiana. Meanwhile, according to Dorsey, "We are connected through the sacred web of God's grace."

For more information on becoming a part of Co-Creators, write to Patricia Lay Dorsey, 86 Kerby Road, Grosse Point, MI 48236; for information about Co-Creators' upcoming retreat, write Dan and Laura Robinson, 2010 W. County Road 1270N, Muncie, IN 47303.

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