June 1992

Cover Story

The drug powers are consumerism not gone awry but carried to its deadly conclusion.


The living legacy of Athol Gill 1937-1992


Election year at the end of the Cold War
The beginning of considering gender issues in America...but not the end
Success of the Earth Summit threatened by U.S. foot-dragging.
Now is the time to reinvest in the future


Aging, and other reflections
A desire for real-life honesty in the debates
A tribute to James Stokes

Culture Watch

Lillian Allen assesses the 'critical condition'
A manual for tearing down racism
The new parts of the film more intriguing than the whole
A book for students of U.S. history
Gerald G. May rekindles hope in wary hearts


The debate for women's ordination around the world
Seeking answers to our questions in the liturgical texts