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From the Archives: April 1992

by Walter Wink 03-06-2014

The Myth of Redemptive Violence

Christianity's Gift

by Walter Wink 03-01-2002

All Christianity has to give, and all it needs to give, is the myth of the human Jesus.

The Bonhoeffer Assumption

by Walter Wink 01-01-2002

There’s a trap that I’d call the Bonhoeffer assumption. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was studying at Union Seminary in New York.

The Silence of God

by Walter Wink 11-01-2001

Many of us feel a deep desire for revenge and violent retribution. We know how natural that is. We want to strike back at the perpetrators.

A Time to Weep

by Walter Wink, by Fletcher Farrar 07-01-1999
Repentance is lacking on all sides.

A Nonviolence Roadmap

by Walter Wink 06-01-1994
Strategies for confronting the powers.

A Brazen Faith

by Walter Wink 10-01-1992

Studying the text to be transformed

A World Overturned

by Walter Wink 08-01-1992

We are starved for the Word of God

Road Signs and Squeaky Wheels

by Walter Wink 07-01-1992

We read scripture to be transformed. We are not interested just in adding to our knowledge, or even to our being.

Evicted, Yet Welcomed Home

by Walter Wink 06-01-1992

Seeking answers to our questions in the liturgical texts