Walter Wink

Walter Wink

Walter Wink was a professor of biblical interpretation at Auburn Theological Seminary in New York and author of many books, including The Powers That Be, When the Powers Fall, and most recently The Human Being. He died in 2012.

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Evicted, Yet Welcomed Home

by Walter Wink 06-01-1992

Seeking answers to our questions in the liturgical texts

Victory Songs and Fish Fries

by Walter Wink 05-01-1992

These reflections are precisely that: thoughts and questions mirrored from the text.

The Myth of Redemptive Violence

by Walter Wink 04-01-1992

Exposing the roots of 'Might Makes Right'

Seeking a New Thing

by Walter Wink 04-01-1992

How we study scripture is as important as that we study it.

God Is The Intercessor

by Walter Wink 11-01-1990

Christians give words to the Spirit's longings

Prayer and the Powers

by Walter Wink 10-01-1990

History belongs to the intercessors: co-creating with God through prayer

We Have Met the Enemy

by Walter Wink 11-01-1986

On Not Becoming What We Hate

A Mind Full of Surprises

by Walter Wink 12-01-1985

Remembering William Stringfellow, America's most important theologian.

Gift of Sexuality

We strongly disagree with the treatment of homosexuality in Foster's article "God's Gift of Sexuality."

The Powers Behind The Throne

by Walter Wink 09-01-1984

An election year equation for discerning the spirits.