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General Indictment

by Daniel Berrigan, by David Cortright 03-01-1999

THE TIMING COULDN'T have been more awful. A murderous spasm was loosed on Baghdad a week before Christmas; Clinton and his captive coven of generals crowded the screen, lying up a lather.

Concession to Mystery

by Daniel Berrigan 05-01-1996


A Dogged Fidelity

by Daniel Berrigan 09-01-1993

The reel life of Father Robert Castle

No Easy Answers

by Daniel Berrigan 04-01-1993

A Chancy Encounter with an Angel

To the Jesuits

by Daniel Berrigan 12-01-1991

An unconventional (somewhat) thank you

A Letter From the Heart

by Daniel Berrigan 08-01-1991

Thank you for the friendship

Time Waiting, Time Served

by Daniel Berrigan 06-01-1990

Daniel Berrigan's testimony

The Martyrs' Living Witness

by Daniel Berrigan 04-01-1990

A call to honor and challenge

The Marvelous Design

by Daniel Berrigan 12-01-1989
Isaiah 25: A Song of Ecstasy and Truth


by Daniel Berrigan 08-01-1989
(1939-1989, Fifty Years a Jesuit)

The Hope of the Unjust

by Daniel Berrigan 07-01-1989
The Intercessions of the Suffering Servant: Isaiah 52:13-15 and 53:1-12

Standing with the Accused

by Daniel Berrigan 05-01-1989
God's Promise to the Servant of Truth

A Great and Humble Calling

by Daniel Berrigan 03-01-1989

The Servant's Song of Contrasts

The Vocation of the Servant

by Daniel Berrigan 01-01-1989

Isaiah's Call to the Nations

Flames of War and Peace

by Daniel Berrigan 08-01-1987

Through the Vietnam Years.

How the Mission Came to Be

by Daniel Berrigan 08-01-1986

A poem

A Bit Part In History

by Daniel Berrigan 08-01-1986

On Location In South America


by Daniel Berrigan 08-01-1986

Came an offer, cutting a four months slice
out of my whole grain life
Would I voyage to the Colombian jungle, the Argentine waters,
to advise and consent (to differ, raise mild hell)
in uneasy consonance--
to assemble a scattered myth
the bare bones of the heroic dead?

Who could tell if their spirit escaped
split skulls, rent bodies, tempest and travail
to haunt our history, advise, consent, raise holy hell
in the misspent, misshapen world,
edgy, sputtering, intent on dealing
the knockout blow

Death and Life of a Friend

by Daniel Berrigan 12-01-1985

A poem in remembrance of William Stringfellow.

Gift of Sexuality

We strongly disagree with the treatment of homosexuality in Foster's article "God's Gift of Sexuality."