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Aging, and other reflections

There's that darn curl again. Right in the middle, like I did it on purpose. I'm 42, and after a shower I get this stupid curl that sticks straight up and pulls the hair up from the sides. And that's the hair that I use to cover up my bald spots. Such vile degradations my body suffers. What other hideous surprise awaits me with each new morning? And why did God make hair if the Almighty One is just going to take it all back one clump at a time?

And another thing...oh, hello. Excuse me...I didn't see you pick up the magazine. I wasn't quite ready for you. But since you're here already, I heard this great God joke the other day. And because Sojourners is tight with God, I can tell it. (In any other magazine, of course, it would be a sin.) Anyway, a new arrival to Heaven was standing in line at the cafeteria and this person in a lab coat rushes up and cuts in front of him. Surprised, the new guy turns and remarks to the woman behind him, "I thought that in heaven everybody is treated equally. Who was that guy who just broke in line?" The woman replies, "Him? Oh, that's just God. Every so often he thinks he's a doctor."

And Now The News...

Filmmaker Oliver Stone reacted quickly to new conspiracy theories surrounding the Robert Kennedy assassination by announcing his upcoming movie, RFK.

Experts were not surprised that this workaholic director would take on another controversial project so soon after the release of JFK. But some expressed doubt that he would have time to finish his other current projects, which include:

· UK, a historical costume drama;
· Par-K, a documentary on the troubled American food industry;
· I'm OK, You're OK, an autobiographical reflection;
· Danny K: The Untold Story, and
· ¿Por K? a Spanish-language political thriller.

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Sojourners Magazine June 1992
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