July-August 2002

Cover Story

Will the pedophilia scandal affect the role of women in the church?
The institutional church, on the other hand, is in serious trouble. Here's why.
Male celibacy isn't the problem here. But for the Catholic Church to achieve a healthy system, things have to change.


Christians and Muslims build bridges in the Philippines
Violence in the anti-corporate-globalization movement
No, the "Battle for Seattle' wasn't the Yankees-Mariners series.
What God and the genius of capitalism have in common. A Bible study on the book of Job. And more.
How will the global community develop sustainable social structures for an aging population?


Big Brother gets literary
The whole church must combat sexual misconduct
The church response (or lack thereof) to Bush's nuclearism
There are viable alternatives to war, but only if we organize and speak out.


Having a 3-and-a-half-year-old son has made the horrific revelations about the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests even more abhorrent.
Have you ever noticed how much of our political language relies on binary logic? "Binary what?" you say—think the North and South Pole.
Are we there yet?
Some readers have complained that this column has become too personal, too focused on my being a great father, an award-winning art director, and a god-like figure to the rest of the staff.
by: Ed Spivey

Culture Watch

‘Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world," Margaret Mead once said.
There are basically three kinds of power: domination, collaboration, and satyagraha (truth force).
If I Had A...Crayon
Books to talk about over the barbeque grill or to take with you to the backyard hammock
In country music the greatest sins are pretense and snobbery
When Sojourners' CultureWatch editor asked me to write about my "favorite things," I gave a quick "Sure!"
by: Ed Spivey
The Executioner's Last Songs sounds a murderous note against the death penalty
Fox-TV's The X-Files has ended nine years in which a duo of FBI agents investigated unexplained phenomena...
My son hates social studies.
Novels can lead us to a deeper and more experiential knowledge of our faith, says author David Cunningham in Reading is Believing


Thank you for publishing Richard Parker's "From Conquistadors to Corporations".
It's the perfect Jackson & Perkins rose for fresh-cut arrangements—velvety bright true red petals on the outside, hardy and disease-resistant on the inside.
International relief organizations in Kabul are employing 3,500 women bakers to ensure that more than a quarter of a million Afghan school children are fed during the school year.
Thanks for your evocative interview with Ani DiFranco.
One average American uses 17 gallons of water daily in the shower. South African women together walk the equivalent of a round trip to the moon 16 times a day to get water.
The good news that's meant to be tossed! "Slip It and Flip It!" That's right!
First he took off his hat and coat; then his sweater and shirt.
In your March-April 2002 issue, Roberto Rivera ("What the Church Can Learn From Hobbits") says, "Lord of the Rings is the product of an unmistakably Christian set of sensibilities."
Worshippers at St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, in Glasgow, Scotland, are now sharing pews with Scotland's most avant-garde artists.
The summer God was nine years oldHeaven's swamp cooler broke for good.
The Archbishop of Canterbury, in his annual New Years speech last year, warned that his grandson would "discover a world of shocking inequality..."
The Christian Coalition of Georgia, along with Peace State Methodist and Baptist churches, are in a pitched battle to close down the state's video poker machines.
We are an ecumenical publication (with nearly as many denominational and nondenominational affiliations floating around as we have staff people).
In response to the Commentary "Black Hawk Move Over" (by Rose Marie Berger), I would ask that you not be too quick to move the Black Hawks over too far.
Silence Please. A Catholic priest in Spain has installed a state-of-the-art electronic jamming system in the church to silence the ringers on cellular phones.
‘Every once in a while, a truly brilliant idea comes along: the wheel, Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Cannoli...you get the idea." So say Tom and Ray of NPR's "Car Talk" radio program...
Tapping the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil—which Congress forestalled—would hardly make a dent in the 8-million-barrel-a-day foreign oil addiction of the United States.
I have a question about Jim Wallis' article (The Sin of Enron, March-April 2002) and a lot of the other ones of its type on the Enron situation, making this a battle in the "rich-poor" class war.
by: Tom Pratt
In Colorado, ranchers and environmentalists are collaborating in a common cause—protecting water rights and sustainable land use.
Employment Opportunities
New Moon: The Magazine for Girls and Their Dreams is turning Hollywood inside out by challenging the film industry's harmful depictions of women and girls...
Clergy, labor, and civil rights groups protested with employees outside a Miami nursing home after the management filed objections with the National Labor Relations Board...
Many thanks for Richard Parker's insightful telling of the story of globalization, "http://www.sojo.net/index.cfm?action=magazine.article&issue=soj0205&arti...

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