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What Kind of God Do You Have?

by Stacia M. Brown 03-01-2012

Excerpt from Accidents and Providence by Stacia M. Brown, 2012.

Building Hope

by Stacia M. Brown 02-01-2004

Faith-based initiatives tackle the affordable housing crisis.

Swinging Back

by Stacia M. Brown 07-01-2002

Violence in the anti-corporate-globalization movement

A Passionate Education

by Stacia M. Brown 01-01-2002
Shrimp feasts, rifle training, and jail time: The peaks and perils of growing up with activist parents.

Catalytic Converters

by Stacia M. Brown 07-01-2001

The Veterans of Hope video series profiles nonviolence activists from around the world.

The Kids These Days

by Stacia M. Brown 05-01-2001

For many young people, cynicism and activism can be sides of the same coin.

If the Shoe Fits

by Stacia M. Brown, by Geoff Coelho 03-01-2001
I FOUND YOUR article on "Virtual Hate" (by Stacia Brown, September-October 2000).

Virtual Hate

by Stacia M. Brown 09-01-2000

The Internet has rekindled the zeal and magnified the power of hate groups. What can we do to fight back?

Which Way to the Street

by Stacia M. Brown 08-01-1994
David Batstone and Bill Smith's dialogue on pop culture ("What's Faith Got to Do With It?" June 1994), infused Sojourners with the first real sign of life I've seen in months.