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Spiritual Lessons from The X-Files

by Teresa Blythe 07-01-2002

Fox-TV's The X-Files has ended nine years in which a duo of FBI agents investigated unexplained phenomena...

Saved by the Devil?

by Teresa Blythe 03-01-2002

A frequent comment by political pundits after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks was that the United States lacks "good old-fashioned human intelligence" against terrorism.

Yada Yada Yada

by Teresa Blythe 11-01-2001

Although a "show about nothing" may seem to offer us little to ponder theologically, we need only look at the Jewish tradition of seeking wisdom to see connections to Seinfeld.


by Teresa Blythe 11-01-2001

Ryan Beiler's review of the Christian publishing community's fascination with The Simpsons was excellent.

Alone in the Tech Age?

by Teresa Blythe 03-01-2001

It's easy for us to assume that no matter what comes our way, America will prevail politically and economically.