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Hobbit Theology Un-Christian

Letter to the Editors

In your March-April 2002 issue, Roberto Rivera ("What the Church Can Learn From Hobbits") says, "Lord of the Rings is the product of an unmistakably Christian set of sensibilities." I have seen similar statements by other critics, but I fail to see the Christian values.

I found the film dark, depressing, and boring. There was no plot other than one evil horde after another descending on nine brave men, who slew them all with few injuries to themselves. The only imagination was in the artwork of the evil characters. Christian? This is far from the message of Jesus, who said, "Love your enemy, do good to those who hate you." If this film is Christian, then maybe the church should get more in line with words of our founder.

The good vs. evil message just doesn't cut it. Most people who kill believe they are on the side of good. The worst villains like bin Laden, Hitler, Stalin, Christopher Columbus, slave traders, or local gang members have believed their murder was accomplishing good.

If we stop entertaining ourselves with death, if we stop buying into the message that killing can end killing, that evil can pose as good to wipe out evil, that good ends justify evil means, if we really listen to the message of Jesus, maybe we could bring some peace to our crazy world.

Connie Hohlfeld Molbeck
Racine, Wisconsin

Sojourners Magazine July-August 2002
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