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Are you hoping your children grow up to be creative, generous, joyful, and peacemaking? Parent Trek: Nurturing Creativity and Care in Our Children by Jeanne Zimmerly Jantzi ($11.99) offers meditations, questions, practical suggestions, and resources to make your job a little easier in the midst of shopping and self-esteem dilemmas. 1-800-759-4447;

Everybody's got to eat, but millions go hungry each day. Unequal Harvest: Farmers' Voices on International Trade and the Right to Food leads the reader through the debates on food security, the right to eat, and the current model of agricultural trade liberalization. The report is free. (514) 283-6073;

In a tribute to the African Diaspora through the legacy of the African slave trade, Triumph of the Human Spirit takes the listener on a spiritual and historical journey in music, song, spoken-word, and prayer. The $20 CD comes with a companion journal.

Growing up is difficult, but the realities of war in many children's lives make it next to impossible. With the powerful and haunting photos of the world's most vulnerable, Graça Machel's The Impact of War on Children demonstrates how war affects children long after hostilities cease. This UNICEF publication costs $35.

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Sojourners Magazine July-August 2002
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