Ben Sanders III 8-08-2008

On July 29, 2008, history was made in the United States House of Representatives – well, kinda. Last week, the House formally apologized for slavery, Jim Crow, and for the racist social consequences that have followed. Never before has the U.S. government publicly apologized for the social institution that reduced Africans to chattel. On one hand, I was humbled, not by the apology, but by the tremendous sacrifice that led to it. To be in a moment where the U.S. House of Representatives [...]

Jim Wallis 7-31-2008

I'm still "down under" -- wrapping up my book tour in Australia. The news from the U.S. reminds me of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s first act on the day after his swearing in as prime minister. In a moving speech, he delivered a speech of apology to the aboriginal people.

Tuesday, for the first [...]

Benjamin Marsh 7-04-2008

Slavery in the United States did not end in a night or even a year or decade. Even now, long past slavery's demise, the twin poisons of racism and class oppression echo as terrible reverberations from our forefathers' horrific acceptance and perpetuation of brutal violence against their fellow humans. The whips and chains are gone, but the hatred and violence too often well up while inequitable social policies ensure the longevity of poverty for certain classes of people. Even after 150 [...]

Adam Taylor 7-01-2008

In the shadow of India's economic miracle lies a people often deemed untouchable, largely impoverished, and seemingly invisible. Bubbling beneath the shimmering image of a new India is a cauldron of inequality, caste-based subordination, and religious tension that could boil over into even greater civil strife and violence. At the center of these forces lies the Dalit struggle. While Dalit rights are often denied and hopes are crushed, growing political, economic, and spiritual empowerment [...]

Apologies for slavery must be followed by steps to justice.
Jordan Buckley 1-29-2008

Nothing has exposed the severe ethical troubles of the world´s second largest burger chain quite so lucidly as a slave break in Florida´s tomato country in November.

Burger King, under fire for turning a blind eye to the rampant human rights abuses in the fields where they buy their tomatoes, decided to react. But in lieu of taking responsibility for the conditions, like McDonald´s, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell have in recent years, Burger King opted to deny that farmworker enslavement and sub-poverty wages exist.

In the public debate over immigration reform, President Bush has been pushing a guest worker program that would allow immigrant workers to apply for temporary employment in certain sectors.

David Batstone 3-01-2007

Through faith and business savvy, the Hagar Project gives new life to freed slaves in Cambodia.

Elizabeth Palmberg 3-01-2007

The 18th and 19th century movement to abolish slavery, with its many Christian leaders, has much to teach us.

David Batstone 3-01-2007

The modern global slave trade and those who fight it.

In September,

In September, cities on the Atlantic seaboard between Boston and Charleston, South Carolina, will host a dramatic journey of truth telling and reconciliation. White Americans and Europeans will walk silently through the streets literally yoked together with the chains and coffles used to control the slaves traded at

Dr. Samuel Cotton, a pioneer of the modern anti-slavery movement, died in December after a protracted battle with cancer.

The world now has purple M&Ms, but hold your applause for the little chocolates until the West African cocoa fields are rid of child slavery.

Folks in Midland, Texas, are fed up with slavery and they aren't going to take it anymore.

Rose Marie Berger 9-01-2001

How Isabella Baumfree became Sojourner Truth.

Yvonne V. Delk 9-01-2001

2001 marked the 150th anniversary of Sojourner Truth's famous "Arn't I A Woman?" speech. What does this preacher, agitator, theologian, and ex-slave have to say to us today?

Left and right, Sudan's finally getting much needed attention.
Bob McLalan 3-01-2001
A conservative Republican makes the case for reparations for African Americans.
Tony P. Hall 9-01-2000
Why we should apologize for slavery.