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No Cheap Grace

by Joey Ager 09-01-2009

At the Christian Amahoro gathering in South Africa in June, former apartheid-era Minister of Law and Order Adriaan Vlok publicly washed the feet of Sean Callaghan, a young white South African man w

Postville: One Year Later

by Joey Ager 08-01-2009

In May, hundreds of people returned to tiny Postville, Iowa, to mark the first anniversary of the largest immigration raid in U.S.

Bush's Waviers

by Joey Ager 07-01-2009

On the final working day of the Bush administration, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice designated eight countries as egregious violators of religious freedom, but waived the possibility of sancti

Ethical Banks Do a World of Good

by Joey Ager 06-01-2009

Amidst the news of global market collapse, 11 of the world’s leading ethical banks met for the first time in March to form the Global Alliance for Banking on Values and to develop new strateg

Churches to Obama: 'Put the Poor First'

by Joey Ager 04-01-2009

Christian Churches Together (CCT), a three-year-old ecumenical group representing more than 100 million U.S.

Freedom Songs

by Joey Ager 03-01-2009

Eugenia Bonetti, a Cath­olic sister in Rome, is tackling a tough social evil: human trafficking.

'Veggie Delite': Tomato Pickers Win Wage Increase from Subway

by Joey Ager 12-05-2008
As the third largest fast-food chain in the world adds its name to a growing list of giants to deliver wage increases and working condition i