Edward Gilbreath

Edward Gilbreath is director of editorial for Urban Ministries Inc., editor of UrbanFaith.com, and the author of Reconciliation Blues: A Black Evangelical’s Inside View of White Christianity. He blogs at Reconciliation Blog. This article is provided through a partnership with Urban Faith.

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A More Excellent Way

by Edward Gilbreath 11-01-2010
Christians should resist the election season's attack-mode politics of race.

The Parable of Shirley Sherrod

by Edward Gilbreath 07-30-2010
The Shirley Sherrod incident, the latest stumble in our nation's clumsy dance with

Black History Month Syndrome

by Edward Gilbreath 02-26-2010

I've kind of avoided the topic of Black History Month this year until now, almost the end of the month. The reason is, I've been kicking around in my mind this notion of "Black History Month Syndrome." Now, stay with me a minute.

Christian Heroes in Black History

by Edward Gilbreath 02-24-2010

As far as African American history books go, Heroes in Black History<

The Author of Time's Report on Race and Megachurches: Interview with David Van Biema

by Edward Gilbreath 01-12-2010
Racial reconciliation among evangelicals is one of those slippery topics that come and go based on which national leader is currently jazzed about it.

Time's Report on Race and Megachurches: The Backstory

by Edward Gilbreath 01-12-2010
Time magazine's Jan.

Megachurches Make (Some) Progress on Crossing the Racial Divide

by Edward Gilbreath 01-06-2010

As you probably know, one of the big articles making the rounds this week is Time magazine's major report on Willow Creek Community Church and the noteworthy progress being made in evangelical megachurches to bridge the racial divide.

Unconditional Incarnation

by Edward Gilbreath 12-22-2009
O come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant ...

Deadly Viper Backlash: Doing the Right Thing is Only the First Step

by Edward Gilbreath 11-20-2009
In case you hadn't heard, Zondervan made a major announcement yesterday regarding the De

Deadly Viper Blind Spots: When Uninformed Intentions Have Hurtful Outcomes

by Edward Gilbreath 11-04-2009
One of the toughest parts of being the author of a book about racial reconciliation is that when the latest racial incident flares up, everyone expects you to chime in with your two cents.