Edward Gilbreath is director of editorial for Urban Ministries Inc., editor of UrbanFaith.com, and the author of Reconciliation Blues: A Black Evangelical’s Inside View of White Christianity. He blogs at Reconciliation Blog. This article is provided through a partnership with Urban Faith.

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The Next Evangelicalism: Interview with Soong-Chan Rah, Part 1

by Edward Gilbreath 07-06-2009

You can't do church in the 21st century without a vision for cultural diversity, says author and theologian Soong-Chan Rah.

Mourning a Michael Jackson Who Had Died Long Ago

by Edward Gilbreath 06-26-2009
Let the wall-to-wall Michael Jackson coverage continue.

Do a New Thing: 20 Years After Spike Lee's Groundbreaking Film on Race in America

by Edward Gilbreath 06-25-2009

It's hot in Chicago. Summer is officially doing its thing.

'Race Isn't Supposed to Matter Anymore. Except When it Does.'

by Edward Gilbreath 04-22-2009
This week's issue of Newsweek features a compelling article about the evolution of race relations at Princeton University ("

Sacred Jazz: An Interview with Deanna Witkowski

by Edward Gilbreath 04-15-2009

Congregational worship music has plenty of variety these days. Depending on the church, you could hear traditional hymns, a gospel choir, or arena rock. What's harder to find on a typical Sunday morning is a jazz quartet.

Colorblinded in the Workplace

by Edward Gilbreath 04-14-2009
"Is colorblindness or multiculturalism better for minorities?" I missed http://newsblogs.chicagotribune.com/race/2009/03/is-colorblindness-or-mu...

The Other March Madness

by Edward Gilbreath 04-07-2009
Well, March Madness is now over.

The Day MLK Died

by Edward Gilbreath 04-03-2009
The new Life.com features a collection of never-before-published photos of the events in the hours immediately following Martin Lut

Is the 'Ebony Experiment' Wrong?

by Edward Gilbreath 03-10-2009
An article in the Chicago Tribune caught my attention this week.