November 2012

Cover Story

The faith agenda in an election year? Start with "the least of these."


Author Eugene Peterson has a lot to say about being and doing. And about facing life in our forties and beyond.
Faith communities work to stem the flow of guns to criminals.
What would our faith look like if we really put it on the line?


Gangs in El Salvador call a truce from behind prison walls.
Our food system is a cause as well as a victim of climate change.
We'll never reach reconciliation between Christians and Muslims until we address root causes—and take on the haters.


You can have a healthy fossil-fuel industry or a healthy planet, but you can't have both.
The constraints on political engagement by nonprofits can be frustrating for those committed to social change.
It is contrary to Christian values to use attacks on welfare to win white votes.
Is it global warming or an alien invasion?

Culture Watch

Looking for a powerful read? Check these out.
Books for traveling the hard and worthy path of nonviolence.
Books are removed from classrooms to avoid discussion of race, ethnicity, or Mexican American history.
As Arizona seeks to ban Mexican American Studies, a group of Latino artists and friends promises it won't be that easy.
Average Americans, the supposed winners of the global rat race, are overworked and overstressed—and still falling behind economically.
What in heaven's name does "biblical womanhood" mean? Rachel Held Evans embarked on a yearlong journey to find out.


He uproots teeth primordial in nature and that eat his soulwith appetite the size of mercenary forces plundering a citywhose inhabitants do not fight back because most of themare women, children, and animals that creep on all fours.
Reflections on the Common Lectionary, Cycle B
Regarding Nicole Baker Fulgham’s “Beyond ‘Superman’” (September-October 2012): As a public school parent advocate, I have a front-row seat to many suggested educational “reforms.” The only strategy with strong, long-
Leila Sansour, Catholic Palestinian film director and founder of the nonprofit Open Bethlehem
In “Beyond ‘Superman,’” could it be that the current system in many states of funding schools with local real-estate taxes is a way of keeping people where they are at?
Regarding Bill McKibben’s piece decrying the reluctance of church pastors and leaders to speak out for the environment (“Big Brain.
I was extremely disappointed in your “Changes in Attitude” article treating gay lifestyle issues (by Jeannie Choi, July 2012).

Web Extra

An extended interview on biblical womanhood with Rachel Held Evans. 
An opportunity for gang peace in El Salvador
Vote your conscience with Sojourners’ 2012 election guide