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Out of Line With Jesus?

Letter to the Editors

I was extremely disappointed in your “Changes in Attitude” article treating gay lifestyle issues (by Jeannie Choi, July 2012). The writer uncritically reflects the ethics of the sexual revolution and all the secular dogma that props up its individualistic hedonism. Since when was righteousness decided by majority vote, or by the fact that those deciding were younger?

It is hard to overstate how grossly out of line with Jesus’ teaching, and the teaching of the New Testament, this favoring of the LGBT line is. I would have wished Sojourners would be able to understand that—just as with other matters of social ethics talked about on your pages—to follow God’s ways is ultimately liberating and wholesome for society, even though people may regard them as too limiting at first. The ideology of Soulforce and other LGBT groups is not only anti-Christian but destructive to human personhood in every way: emotionally, spiritually, and physically.


Terence Paige
Houghton, New York

This appears in the November 2012 issue of Sojourners