March-April 1997


Blocking the Prayers of the Church
The Haymarket Square rebellion of 1886 was a watershed moment in the history of U.S. radicalism.
The popular rapper's life and legacy, as remembered by his pastor.
The popular rapper's life and legacy, as remembered by his pastor.
Rev. Daughtry's reflections on his ministry to Tupac Shakur show us the patience and tolerance for ambiguity required in the task of ministering to those wrapped up in what some call the "thug life."


Churches plan nationwide Pentecost actions.
Something new, real, and potentially very important is happening among several groups of white evangelicals.
Churches and the environmental movement.
Churches take a stand against sweatshops.
Serbia's surprising explosion of protest.


I live encircled by an eruv—though for weeks it was invisible to my eyes. I would not have known what I was seeing, had I noticed it.
The many communities that Father Jim Healy served during 35 years as a Catholic priest came together recently at his memorial service.
Yesterday I learned that a friend will be moving far away.
I saw God the other day at the supermarket.
If I had to choose one word to describe my friend Buddy Gray, it would be relentless. He was an advocate on behalf of homeless people in Cincinnati.
From welfare reform to overcoming poverty. A strategy for action.

Culture Watch

Working on the new Sojourners environmental resource, Holy Ground, I have examined a large body of works on environmental theology.
David Helfgott's search for meaning.
The power of live recordings.
Ani DiFranco and Utah Phillips build a bridge to the future.
Overcoming death and the power of empire.
Father John Giuliani's Native American icon paintings.
The international movement to ban landmines.
An opportunity for more inclusive expressions in the church.
Not many meaningful public rituals in America remain. 
Well known and respected folk singer U. Utah Phillips announced his retirement well over a year ago in a letter to friends.
Faith, interpretation, and The Good Book.


AFTER READING your articles on play and work ("Why Play?," by Jim Rice, and "Why Work?," by Julie Polter), I continue to be amazed that no one I have read recently, from the pope...
I AM A PENTECOSTAL (though I don’t really think the term is scriptural) Christian who has just recently discovered your magazine.
Catholic theologian and priest Tissa Balasuriya was excommunicated for heresy from the Roman Catholic Church in January.
I DID SO MUCH enjoy reading your series of articles about Henri Nouwen’s untimely (from a human perspective anyway) death.
I AGREE WITH Jim Wallis’ contention in the January-February 1997 issue ("Hearts & Minds")—we must find another way besides the political Right or Left.
Sue Bailey Thurman, 93, died on Christmas day 1996 in San Francisco.
From below, it looks like a young woman
Reflections on the revised common lectionary, cycle B.
Following President Clinton's signing of the federal "welfare reform" legislation last August, three top administration officials resigned in protest.
Building relationship between people of faith and the workers' rights movement.
While many people of conscience in the United States are aware of the plight of political prisoners in countries around the world, Americans rarely hear about those locked up in
I AM WRITING because I am disturbed by Jill Carroll Lafferty’s review of The Dilbert Principle.
I WANT TO thank Sojourners for honoring the life and work of Nellie Jean Sindab in the January-February 1997 issue ("Labors of Love").
I RECEIVED MY first issue of Sojourners and was ecstatic to find not only a hint of an article about Henri Nouwen on the front cover, but several articles about him inside.
I WANT TO congratulate Jim Rice on a fine article on the spirituality of leisure ("Why Play?" January-February 1997).
MY WIFE THINKS I’m weird. She tells my friend I can’t talk because I’m busy.
A moral and political agenda for 1997.